Step-by-step guides for Digital Banking

Apply for Digital Banking access
Check your account balances
Activate OneToken via SMS OTP and Card PIN
Activate OneToken via SMS OTP and Token Key
Activate OneToken via Hardware Token
Apply Credit Card
Login with SingPass Mobile
Manage card e-Alerts
Manage deposit e-Alerts
Change Documents password
Manage Statements
Manage Letters
View Statements and Letters
Register for PayNow via SMS
Register for PayNow via Digital Banking
Online Banking Access Code and Pin
Change PIN
Update mailing address
Check cheque status
Request for cheque book
Stop cheque transaction
Enable Chinese Language
Link-delink account
Update personal details
Register for OCBC Push Notifications
Activate OCBC OneTouch or OCBC OneLook
Apply for Global Savings Account
Single bill payments
Future or recurring bill payments
Add billing organisations
Transfer funds using OCBC Digital app (Unique Entity Number)
Transfer funds using OCBC Digital app (Account Number)
Transfer funds using OCBC Digital app (NRIC/FIN Number)
Setup GIRO
Manage GIRO arrangements
View and repeat last 5 Overseas Funds Transfer
Add new payee for Overseas Funds Transfer
Transfer funds to an existing payee for Overseas Funds Transfer
Make foreign exchange fund transfers
Manage transaction limits
Activate credit/debit card
Request fee waiver
Manage card daily limit
Dispute transactions
Manage overseas card usage
Top up card
Reset card PIN
Replace card
Lock/unlock card
Report lost card
Link/unlink debit card to Global Savings Account
Open an Online Equities Account
Access equities and view your portfolios
Add a desired stock to watchlist
Create, rename or delete watchlist
Buy your stock - Pay Upfront (Lower Fees)
Buy your stock (in SGD)
Sell your stock (in SGD)
Buy your stock (in foreign currency)
Sell your stock (in foreign currency)
Edit your orders
Withdraw your orders
View your e-Statements
Settle your trades
Apply for Blue Chip Investment Plan (BCIP)
Apply for CPF Investment Account (CPFIA)
Apply for Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Account
Exchange Foreign Currencies
Set Rate Alerts
Set Auto-Execute Orders
Apply for Time Deposit
Apply for Credit Line
Perform Balance Transfer
Apply for ExtraCash Loan
Withdraw Time Deposit before maturity
How to lock or unlock cards
  • Step 1: Log in with your access code and PIN or fingerprint ID

    On mobile app

    Tap on the left menu bar and select “Card services”.

  • Step 2: Navigate to “Lock / unlock card”

    On mobile app

    Enter the OTP sent to you via SMS.

  • Step 3: Lock/unlock your card

    On mobile app

    Tap on the slider to lock or unlock your card.

Security advisory: Do NOT share your One-Time Password (OTP) with or provide your OneToken authorisation to anyone without knowing the intended purpose. Never share your OTP with family and friends, phishing websites, OCBC Bank staff or the police. Always go to or use the OCBC Digital app to make your transactions.