#BeAProAgainstCons with OCBC – empowering you to bank safely and securely


Discover how you can #BeAProAgainstCons with our suite of security features and anti-scam tips – ensuring your hard-earned money stays where it belongs.

Let your savings fuel your dreams, not their schemes.

Do not let scammers cart out your hard-earned money! With OCBC OneToken and our anti-e-commerce scam tips, you can #BeAProAgainstCons and shop with greater peace of mind.

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Do not let a promised windfall become your potential downfall.

With OCBC Money Lock, you can help protect your funds from scammers looking to profit off your hard-earned money. Learn how to lock funds in your account(s) and #BeAProAgainstCons so nothing can stand in the way of your financial success!

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Prevent your retirement fund from funding someone else's.

Do not get reeled in by phishing scammers’ false claims! With the OCBC Kill Switch and our anti-phishing scam tips, you can #BeAProAgainstCons and ensure your golden years remain worry-free.

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How we protect you

Explore the security features and measures that we have designed to empower you to #BeAProAgainstCons and safeguard your account(s).

Protect yourself from scammers

Do you know what types of scams are most prevalent in Singapore? Learn how to better protect yourself and spot common scam tactics and #BeAProAgainstCons.

Getting Started with Online Banking

Have you taken the first steps towards a safe and secure online banking experience? Master the security basics with our expert tips to #BeAProAgainstCons and bank with confidence.

Need help?

We are here for you. Reach out via our dedicated channels and let us help you resolve your concerns.