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Non-U.S. citizen

Non-EU resident or person not residing within the EEA

A unit trust is composed of a pool of monies from a group of investors, managed by a fund manager who then invests it in a variety of financial assets. 

Features and benefits

Professional fund managers

with the experience, skills and resources to manage the portfolio on your behalf.

diversification of assets

Sell with ease

as most unit trusts can typically be sold on a business day.

Instantly access a diversified portfolio

Instantly access a diversified portfolio

at a fraction of the cost, without having to invest huge amounts of money in individual stocks, bonds or other assets.


Gain access to different markets

that may be difficult or expensive for you to invest in directly.

Making an investment

Lump sum investments

Lump sum investments

With lump sum investments starting from S$1,000 (minimum investment amount varies with funds), you can immediately start taking advantage of prevailing market conditions.

Monthly investments

Monthly investments

Regular investing of smaller amounts (also known as dollar-cost averaging), helps to reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio. Start from as low as S$100/month or make use of our OCBC Momentum programme (available at OCBC Bank branches only) to spread your investment over a period of 6 or 12 months.

Ways to pay

Whether you choose a lump sum or monthly investments, you can purchase unit trusts using:

*Only selected funds


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Featured fund : Amundi-ocbc momentum fund
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Top Fund ideas to grow your wealth

We only share fund ideas that truly matter. Our quarterly fund ideas bring you top fund ideas that have been carefully selected by our Wealth Panel and Advisors.

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Fullerton USD Income Fund

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Lion-OCBC Global Core Fund (Moderate)

Marrying the benefits of some active management with low cost investments.

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BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Fund

Doing well by doing good.

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Schroder Asian Income Fund

Asia ex-Japan: Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.

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before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Minimum age

21 years old


Non-U.S. citizens

Non-EU residents or persons not residing within the EEA

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Information presented as at 22 October 2020.

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