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About Unit Trusts
What is a Unit Trust?

A unit trust, also commonly referred to as a mutual fund, is composed of a pool of monies from a group of investors, managed by a fund manager who then invests it in a variety of financial assets.

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Our top fund ideas

Grow your wealth with fund ideas that have been carefully selected by our investment experts.

Allianz Global Sustainability

A global ESG shift

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BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Fund

The spotlight on sustainability

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Fidelity China Focus Fund

Quality Chinese companies at cheap valuations

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Fidelity Global Multi-Asset Income

Diversifying income streams for stability

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FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund

Strong dividend growth prospects

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Legg Mason Clearbridge Global Infrastructure Income Fund

Building a green future

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Start 2023 with 23% off the sales charge when you invest in Unit Trusts online

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What are unit trusts?

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