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Payments and Transactions - Pay Any Card

Frequently asked questions
  • Pay any card via Online Banking

    Pay any bank's credit card bill conveniently via OCBC Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

    • Any Visa or MasterCard credit card issued in Singapore

    • American Express* and Diners Club credit cards

    • Not applicable for co-branded AMEX cards

    *Valid only for credit cards issued solely by American Express International Inc. and not credit cards co-branded with other banks.


    1. Login to

    2. Select Payment & transfer.

    3. Select either “Pay your OCBC/Plus! credit card bill” or “Pay card bill from another bank (Visa / MasterCard)”

    4. Don’t have OCBC Mobile Banking app? Download now.

      Terms and conditions governing the Pay Any Card service

  • Pay Any Card via ATM

    1. Insert ATM card

    2. Select Language

    3. Key in your PIN

    4. Select “MORE SERVICES”

    5. Select “BILL PAYMENT”


    7. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction