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  • VOYAGE Miles

    1. Is VOYAGE Miles the same as OCBC$ or OCBC Miles?

      VOYAGE Miles are unique to VOYAGE Cards only. VOYAGE Miles are different from OCBC$, any other rewards programme offered by OCBC Bank or any other frequent flier miles. VOYAGE Miles can be accrued only through the OCBC VOYAGE Card, OCBC Premier VOYAGE Card, OCBC Premier Private Client VOYAGE Card or Bank of Singapore VOYAGE Card.

    2. Can VOYAGE Miles be converted to any frequent flyer miles with other airlines?

      VOYAGE Miles can be converted to KrisFlyer Miles. However, you can use VOYAGE Miles to redeem for flights on any airlines directly without converting. To redeem directly for flights on any airlines, do it through or please contact VOYAGE Exchange (+65 6593 9999 or

    3. I have existing KrisFlyer Miles. Can I combine VOYAGE Miles and KrisFlyer Miles to redeem for air-tickets with VOYAGE Exchange?

      KrisFlyer Miles and VOYAGE Miles are separate miles and cannot be combined to redeem for air tickets. However, you can convert your VOYAGE Miles to KrisFlyer miles at a rate of 1:1 and redeem for tickets with Singapore Airlines. The conversion of VOYAGE Miles to KrisFlyer miles is subjected to wait time of 10-15 working days.

    4. How does the conversion to KrisFlyer miles work? Is there a $25 conversion fee?

      Every conversion done from VOYAGE Miles to KrisFlyer miles will incur a conversion fee of S$25, chargeable to the customer's VOYAGE card.

    5. Can I redeem VOYAGE Miles for domestic flights and hotel bookings?

      Yes, VOYAGE Miles can be used for to redeem for flights on any airline or hotels with VOYAGE Exchange or via

    6. What happens to my VOYAGE Miles if I apply for other VOYAGE cards like Premier VOYAGE, Premier Private Client VOYAGE or Bank of Singapore VOYAGE card?

      VOYAGE Miles are consolidated on customer level and will not impact customer changing to a different VOYAGE segment card, i.e. changing from a Premier VOYAGE Card to Premier Private Client VOYAGE card. The VOYAGE Miles will be retained if there is a valid VOYAGE Card. Should customer not maintain at least one (1) VOYAGE Card, the VOYAGE Miles will be forfeited.

    7. What’s the time frame for VOYAGE Miles refunds?

      Processing time frame for VOYAGE Miles refunds may take up to 60 days for the miles to be refunded back to Cardmembers credit card account, depending on how long it takes the relevant air carrier to first process the refund.

    8. What will happen to my VOYAGE Miles after I terminate my card?

      VOYAGE Miles will be forfeited and will not be available for redemption upon card termination.

  • VOYAGE Exchange

    1. How do I redeem my VOYAGE Miles for air-tickets?

      Simply call our VOYAGE Exchange at 6593 9999 or email and let the VOYAGE Exchange Consultant know your travel plans. The VOYAGE Exchange Consultant will advise on available options. You can confirm your booking with the VOYAGE Exchange over the phone and ticket confirmation will be sent to you.

    2. Are there additional fees for using the concierge service?

      No, the bank and/or the concierge service will not levy any additional fees for using the service.

  • Travel Related Benefits

    1. Can I accumulate my spend over a few months in order to qualify for the complimentary Airport Transfer Service?

      2 x complimentary Airport Transfer Service can be earned with a min. spend of S$12,000 local or foreign spends within a given quarter . For example, accumulated S$12,000 eligible spent on the VOYAGE Card from Apr - June 2023 will entitle the Cardmember to 2 x complimentary service in June 2023. (Complimentary Airport Transfer Service is capped at 2 transfers per quarter with a min. spend of S$12,000 eligible spends). The Cardmember can use this service only when the accumulation amount is met. Cardmember will also earn the 2 x complimentary Airport Transfer Service in the middle of a quarter should minimum spends be met. For example, cardmember accumulated S$12,000 eligible spent on the VOYAGE Card from Apr - May 2023, 2 x complimentary Airport Transfer Service will be credited in May 2023. Any redemption made below the complimentary Airport Transfer Service balance will result in a charge of S$60 to your VOYAGE Card per transfer.

    2. How will I be notified of my Complimentary Travel benefits?

      Spend consolidation will occur at month's end and will be computed to generate the entitlement. Crediting will also be reflected in the cardmember's statement.

    3. Why is your limousine entitlement data not updated?

      The entitlement data will be updated in the middle of every month.

    4. How can I book for my complimentary Airport Transfer Service?

      You can book for your service through Stack or by emailing or calling VOYAGE Exchange at least 48 hours in advance before the required time of arrival at the airport.

    5. What is the vehicle used for the Airport Transfer?

      The default vehicle used for the Service will be a 4-seater Mercedes, 7-seater Toyota Velfire or its equivalent. There will not be any additional charge or VOYAGE Miles deducted from Cardmember’s Card Account.

    6. How many Airport lounges are available?

      Main and Supplementary Cardmembers will have unlimited access to over 130 Plaza Premium airport lounges around the world.

    7. How can I access the lounge?

      Just by presenting the VOYAGE Card. The Plaza Premium Lounge staff will check the validity date of the Card and match the Cardmember’s name with boarding pass of the same date.

    8. Can I bring a guest along with me?

      Each accompanying guest will be charged a rate of US$36 per visit. Accompanying infant (aged 2 below) is free of charge.

    9. Is the Complimentary Travel Insurance applicable for me?

      No. We have discontinued this service since 2020.

  • Annual Service Fees

    1. Is there an annual fee for the VOYAGE Card?

      Yes. The Annual Service Fee (ASF) will be S$492.50 (including GST) p.a. for main cards and S$189 (including GST) p.a. for supplementary Cardmembers. The ASF will be waived for up to 2 supplementary Cardmembers for the first year only. There is no fee waiver for principal cards.

      Upon charge of ASF S$492.50 (including GST), the 15,000 welcome VOYAGE Miles (VM) will be awarded within 24 hours. The VM will be clawed back if there is a subsequent waiver of the ASF. Clawback will be processed within 2-3 working days upon confirmation of waiver of the ASF.

      Cardmembers can also opt to upgrade their ASF to the S$3,240 (including GST) option (only applicable for main Cardmembers), to receive 150,000 VM (which will be automatically converted to KrisFlyer Miles). Upon confirmation of upgrade, the ASF of S$3,240 (including GST) will be charged to Cardmember’s Card account and the VM will be awarded based on the schedule set out below:

      1. S$3,240 will be charged (within T+3 working days from confirmation).
      2. 150,000 VM will be awarded to customer (T+6 working days from confirmation).
      3. 150,000 VM will be converted to KrisFlyer Miles on customer's behalf (T+9 working days from confirmation), and cannot be retained as VM.