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Frequently asked questions
  • Which plan type can I purchase?

    Comprehensive policies are suitable for vehicle owners who prefer to cover legal obligations for damages caused to a third parties and repair damage to own vehicle caused by accidents, fire, flood and theft to the vehicle. However, your choice of plan may depend on the age of your vehicle.

    Currently, all comprehensive plans are available only to vehicles of 10 years or less only. This age is determined by deducting the ‘Year of Insurance’ against the ‘Year of Manufacture’ of the vehicle.

  • Can I apply AutoWise to insure my commercial vehicle?

    No, AutoWise is only applicable to private motor vehicles.

  • Are all private motor vehicles eligible to apply for AutoWise?

    Normally, all private motor vehicles are eligible. However, there may be instances where we may need to underwrite the vehicle on a special basis due to make and model, engine capacity, special modifications and claims history.

  • What is NCD? How will it affect my premiums?

    NCD or “No Claims Discount” is used to lower the policy premium. For first time vehicle owner, you will start off with 0% NCD. For every policy year that you make zero claims, your NCD increases 10% each year, up to the maximum of 50%. NCD is recognised by all insurers across the industry and a way for insurers to reward you for having been a careful driver.

  • Will I receive NCD if I have been driving as a Named driver on somebody else’s policy?

    No. NCD is accorded to vehicle owner and not the Named or authorized driver of the vehicle.

  • Does my NCD apply to me, or to my vehicle?

    Your NCD applies to you and not the vehicle. If you sell your current vehicle and buy a new one, you can retain and use the NCD for your motor insurance on the new vehicle.

    However, if you own more than one vehicle, you will have to earn the NCD for each vehicle separately and hence, you will have different NCDs for each vehicle.

  • If I make a claim, will I automatically lose my NCD?

    Your NCD will be affected as table shown below if you choose to claim under your policy or if we have received a third party claim filed against you. Your NCD will however be reinstated if you manage to recover at least 80% or more from the third party.

    Current No Claim Discount No Claim Discount After Accident
    1 claim 2 claims and above
    50% 20% No discount
    40% 10% No discount
    10 to 30% No discount No discount
  • Can I insure against the loss of my NCD?

    Yes, as long as you have NCD of 50%. This is an optional benefit called “NCD Protector” with an additional premium to be paid. The benefit will protect your NCD against the first claim during the Period of Insurance. However, your NCD will be affected if you have more than one claim during the Period of Insurance. Please refer to the table below:

    No. of Claim(s) made during the Period of Insurance NCD entitlement upon renewal of the Policy
    One S$50%
    Two 20%
    Three or more No discount

    Please note that this NCD Protector is not transferable to another insurer and does not guarantee renewal or non-cancellation of your policy by the company.

  • What is ‘excess’?

    Excess is the first amount of the claim that you (the Insured) must pay. For example, if you have an excess of S$300 and the total repair cost is S$2,000: you will have to pay S$300 and the insurer will bear the remaining cost of S$1,700.

  • What are the conditions for Waiver of Standard Excess in the event of an Own Damage claim?

    Policy with 30% NCD and below: 50% waived or S$500, whichever is lower

    Policy with 40% or 50% NCD: 100% waived or S$500, whichever is lower


    Waiver of Standard Excess applies:

    • To the first own damage claim of the current period of insurance;
    • To Insured & Named Drivers only;
    • As shown based on Insured’s NCD entitlement at the time of accident.
  • How do I make a motor claim?

    In the event of a Motor accident, please call our dedicated 24-Hours Towing Helpline at 6535 0511 should you require towing service. Otherwise, please proceed to any one of the Accident Reporting Centres to file the mandatory accident report no later than 24 hours.

    Kindly note that the 24 hours accident reporting requirement is mandatory as failure to do so allows insurer to apply a late reporting penalty against your NCD and to repudiate policy liability indemnifying you for the damage repair to your vehicle as well as for your liability towards the damage caused to Third Party property and/ or injury.

    For your convenience and peace of mind, you are strongly advised to leave your accident damaged vehicle with the Accident Reporting Centre for repairs as they are also our Authorised Workshops. You will enjoy policy Excess waiver (conditions apply) for Own Damage repair, and if you were assessed to be not at fault, the Authorised Workshop will repair the vehicle and assist you in formulating a Third Party claim against the responsible Third Party Singapore registered vehicle insurer. This way, your NCD will not be affected and the repairs done will come with a nine(9) months warranty.

    The Authorised Workshop will not be able to assist if the responsible Third Party is a Malaysian registered vehicle insured with a Malaysian based insurer. Should you have a claim against a Malaysian registered vehicle driver in any situation, you will need to pay your repair cost upfront and seek recovery directly against the Malaysian Insurer by submitting the following:

    • Copy of your vehicle registration card.
    • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance, Cover Note, or the Policy Schedule.
    • Copy of your Identity Card (both front and back) or Passport.
    • Copy of the police report, police sketch plan with keys (if any), and the police investigations result (if any).
    • Proof of losses incurred best depicted by photographs taken at the scene of accident clearly showing the Malaysian registered vehicle license registration number and your vehicle license registration number, and post-accident vehicles position and damage conditions.
    • Copy of your vehicle damage assessment report with photographs, your repairer invoice and receipt, and your replacement car rental bill and receipt (if any). Registered post should be used when sending original documents. If your claim against the Malaysian registered vehicle insurer is unsuccessful, you may appeal to either of the following for advice or assistance:
    Malaysia Singapore
    Persatuan Insuran Am Malaysia (PIAM)
    3rd Floor, Wisma Piam
    150 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
    50470 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    Tel: (+60) 203 274 7399
    Fax: (+60) 203 274 5910
    General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA)
    112 Robinson Road #05-03
    Singapore 068902
    Tel: (+65) 6221 8788
    Fax: (+65) 6227 2051
  • How will I be notified of the renewal of my motor insurance policy?

    A renewal notice will be sent to you via physical mail to your mailing address approximately two months before your policy expires. For change of mailing address, please email to

  • Do I need to inform my insurers if I change my vehicle parts/modify my vehicle not according to vehicle specifications?

    Yes, changes or modification to your vehicle from its original manufacturer’s standard specification will impact your insurance coverage. Please inform us for any changes or modification to your vehicle via email to