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OCBC Digital Banking - Hardware Token

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a hardware token?

    It is a physical device designed to securely authorise transactions – including high-risk ones like adding payees, updating contact details and changing transaction limits.

    While it is effective, we highly recommend switching to OCBC OneToken for the following reasons:

    • Seamless and secure banking: Carry out banking activities with just your mobile phone.
    • No additional physical burden: Say goodbye to carrying an extra ‘keychain’ as you will no longer need a hardware token.
    • Fuss-free activation: Activate OCBC OneToken whenever you wish – you do not need to wait for the hardware token to be mailed to you.
    • Planet-friendly choice: Do your part for the environment. Switching to OCBC OneToken means no more need for disposable hardware tokens.

    For your security, OCBC OneToken will be fully activated only 12 hours after you set it up.

    Learn more about OCBC OneToken.

  • How do I authorise transactions using a hardware token?

    Here is how you can authorise transactions using a hardware token:

    To log in to the OCBC Digital app/OCBC Internet Banking or authorise low-risk transactions

    • Press and hold the ‘OTP’ button to generate a 6-digit code
    • Enter the 6-digit code into the OCBC Digital app

    To authorise high-risk transactions

    • Press and hold the ‘SIGN’ button
    • Enter the one-time password shown on the OCBC Digital app into the hardware token
    • Press the ‘SIGN’ button again to generate a 6-digit code
    • Enter the 6-digit code into the OCBC Digital app

  • Can I replace my hardware token if I lose mine?

    You can get another hardware token by visiting any OCBC branch. Alternatively, email us – via OCBC Internet Banking (Log in > Mailbox) or the OCBC Digital app (Log in > Menu > Secured Mailbox) – to request a replacement. Your email should include the following details:

    • Why the token needs replacing (e.g. it is out of battery, damaged or lost)
    • Where we should mail the token to (if you have multiple mailing addresses in our records)

    For greater convenience, consider switching to OCBC OneToken. Learn why we recommend switching.

    Watch this video to learn how to activate OCBC OneToken via SMS OTP and your card PIN.