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Frequently asked questions
  • Sell investments

    When you sell your investment, the sales proceeds will be credited into your CPF Investment Account (CPFIA). We will automatically transfer the balance in your CPFIA to your CPF Ordinary Account if the account has been inactive for two consecutive months.

    You may initiate a refund to take place earlier, by instructing OCBC Bank to effect the refund through the following facilities:

    • Any OCBC Bank Branch
    • OCBC Online Banking (Service is only available to existing OCBC Online Banking users)

  • Close my CPF Investment Account

    You can visit any of our branches to complete the Account Closure form or write in to:

    CPF Investment Unit
    31 Tampines Avenue 4
    OCBC Tampines Centre Two
    Singapore 529680

    You are required to liquidate all your CPF investment holdings before closing the investment account. Any cash balance in the CPF Investment Account will then be refunded to your CPF Ordinary Account.

    When you initiate a S15 withdrawal, you need to make a request either via CPF website or a prescribed form to CPF Board to confirm that you have sufficient balance for CPF Minimum Sum scheme.

    Any cash balance will be refunded to you, after deducting CDP share transfer charges (if applicable).

    Cash balance will be refunded to you in the form of a cashier's order or credited into an existing OCBC account if you have sent a written request.

  • Transfer cash balance in CPF Investment Account to CPF Ordinary Account

    You can request via the following channels:

    Fax it to 68307950 / 68307949 / 68307948

    Or mail it to:
    Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
    31 Tampines Avenue 4
    #07-00 OCBC Tampines Centre Two
    Singapore 529680

    Attn: CPF Investment Unit

    The bank will automatically transfer the cash balance from your CPF Investment Account to your CPF Ordinary Account if you have not had any transactions for 2 consecutive months. Funds will be transferred at the end of 2 months.

  • Minimum balance in CPF Investment Account

    No minimum balance.

  • Transfer CPF Investment Account from other banks to OCBC

    Visit an OCBC branch.

    Complete and sign the

      • Account Transfer form
      • CPF Investment Account-Ordinary Account Application form
      • Standing Instruction form

    The branch will submit these documents for the processing of the transfer.

    During the course of the transfer, you are advised not to perform any transactions.

    Upon completion of the transfer, a welcome letter will be sent to you with the new CPF Investment Account number.