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Accounts - 360 Account - Salary Bonus

Frequently asked questions
  • How do I qualify for the Salary Bonus interest?

    You need to credit a minimum salary of S$1,800 to your 360 Account every calendar month. You can meet this minimum salary requirement through a single credit or multiple credits each calendar month. If there are multiple joint account holders, the total salary amount credited to the account will be considered in meeting the Salary Credit Bonus requirement.

  • Does all salary credit qualify?

    While there are many ways salary gets credited into an account, only direct salary credits through GIRO with the description "GIRO - SALARY" in your statements will qualify for this bonus. Other forms of salary credit such as cheques, cash deposit, fund transfer, etc., strictly do not qualify for this bonus interest.

  • How do I set up my 360 Account as my salary crediting account?

    You just need to inform your HR department of your 360 Account number as the salary crediting account. You will only need to do it once.