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Accounts - 360 Account - Credit Card Spend Bonus

Frequently asked questions
  • How do I qualify for the Credit Card Spend Bonus interest?

    You need to spend a minimum of S$500 across your OCBC Credit Cards (examples of eligible cards are 365, Titanium, Platinum, FRANK, Robinsons, Plus!, Best Denki and 90°N). Eligible transactions with posting date within the calendar month will be considered, less off and excluding amounts in all transactions that are terminated, voided, reversed or cancelled.

    You must also be the Primary Account Holder of the 360 Account as well as the Principal Cardmember of the eligible OCBC Credit Card(s).

    If there are multiple joint account holders, only card spends by the Primary Account holder who is the principal cardmember will be considered in meeting the Credit Card Spend Bonus requirement.

  • What about the existing rewards and rebates for my OCBC Credit Cards?

    On top of the bonus interest, you will also enjoy all existing privileges of OCBC Credit Cards. Hence, you could be doubly rewarded! Should you not qualify for the bonus interest, you still enjoy all the privileges of OCBC Credit Cards.

  • What cards are excluded from this bonus?

    Your spending on these cards does not qualify for this bonus:

    • Debit cards
    • ATM cards
    • Corporate cards
    • Business cards
    • Private label cards
  • What transactions are excluded from this bonus?

    These transactions do not qualify for this bonus:

    • Balance transfers
    • Cash advance
    • Cashwise
    • Smartchange
    • Fund transfers
    • Fees and charges

    If you have transactions converted to instalment payment plans through PayLite, Apple (via Telesales or Retail Store), and Samsung Online Store, the transacted and posted amount will be eligible for the relevant calendar month of transaction. Any subsequent monthly repayments to such instalment payment plans will not be eligible.

    If you have Cashflo or Instalment Payment Plan purchases, only the monthly instalment amount will qualify.

    Any transaction 1) on credit cards that are terminated at any time and 2) that is subsequently cancelled, reversed or made void, will not qualify.