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Frequently asked questions
  • Modes of payment and cut-off times

    1. FAST Funds transfer from any participating bank’s online banking platform
      Almost instant once transaction is completed. Refer to the Association of Banks in Singapore’s website at for a list of participating banks.
    2. Cheque payment
      Cut-off time of 3.30pm from Monday to Friday for next working day clearing.
    3. AXS machines
      Payment via AXS terminals after 5pm or on a Sunday or public holiday will be credited on the next working day.
    4. Cash deposit machines
      Cut-off time of 9pm from Monday to Saturday. Deposits on a Sunday or public holiday will be considered Monday’s deposit.
    5. Payment at branches
    6. Funds transfer
      Online fund transfers to other banks generally take 2 - 3 business days to clear whereas it is immediate if the transfers are between OCBC accounts.
  • Interest charges for EasiCredit

    1. Why is my prevailing interest rate increased?

      Your prevailing interest rate has been increased because you did not make the minimum payment by the statement due date. This occurs when no payment is made, less than the minimum payment is made, or when payment is made after the statement due date.

      For example, an EasiCredit Account Holder is currently on a prevailing interest rate of 22.90% per annum. On December 2021’s statement, the EasiCredit Account Holder has an outstanding balance of S$588 that is due on 14 January 2022. In this example, EasiCredit Account Holder must make a payment of S$50 by 14 January 2022. The minimum payment is 3% of outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher, plus any overdue amount.

      However, as the EasiCredit Account Holder did not make the minimum payment by the statement due date, higher interest will be charged to the EasiCredit account in the next statement cycle and will apply to all outstanding balances.

    2. I am an existing EasiCredit Account Holder incurring a higher interest rate. How can I lower my prevailing interest rate per annum?

      Depending on your current prevailing interest rate 22.90%/28.00%/29.80% per annum,  interest rate will revert to the prevailing interest rate as soon as your account is no longer past due in the current and last five months.

      Prevailing Interest Rate Interest Rate if minimum payment is not received by due date
      22.90% 28.00%
      28.00% 36.00%
      29.80% (for customers with annual income S$20,000 - S$29,999) 36.00%
    3. What happens if I continue to pay less than the minimum payment or do not make payment by the statement due date?

      If you are currently on higher interest rate and continue to pay less than the minimum payment or do not make payment by the statement due date for two consecutive months, your interest rate will be subject to a further increase of 8.00%, to 36.00% per annum.

    4. I am currently on prevailing interest rate of 29.80% per annum (annual income S$20,000 – S$29,999). Will I be subject to higher interest?

      You will be subject to a higher interest rate of 36.00% per annum if you do not make the minimum payment due by the statement due date.

  • Handling of excess credit balance

    Please arrange a refund with us if any of your Credit Card/EasiCredit accounts exceeds $50,000.

    Please check if the credit balance in any of your Credit Card/EasiCredit accounts exceeds $50,000*.

    If so, please contact us to arrange for a refund of your excess credit balance, which can be performed either via funds transfer to a current/savings account, or via a Cashier’s Order.

    Alternatively, you may use your entire excess credit balance.

    This is so that the credit balance in your each of your accounts do not exceed $50,000* for more than 30 consecutive days.

    Why refund the excess credit balance if any of my Credit Card/EasiCredit account(s) exceed(s) $50,000*?

    We have recently revised our relevant Credit Cardmembers Agreements and the Terms and Conditions Governing Personal Line of Credit (collectively, the Relevant Terms) on 1 January 2017.

    Therefore, we have the discretion to refund any amount of credit balance in your credit card/EasiCredit account(s) via such mode as set out in the Relevant Terms.

    We thank you for your understanding, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

    * This amount may change in future

    Nothing stated above shall prejudice OCBC’s rights under the relevant terms and conditions and/or agreements governing the credit card/Easicredit accounts.

  • Payment due date

    Your EasiCredit statement will be generated at the end of the calendar month.

    The due date for EasiCredit payment is 28 calendar days after the statement is generated (the “Payment Due Date”). If the Payment Due Date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the actual payment due date will fall on the previous business day.

    Current due date New due date
    Payment Due Date falls on a Saturday or a Sunday Friday before the original Payment Due Date
    (assuming it is a business day)
    Payment Due Date falls on a Monday and is a public holiday Friday before the original Payment Due Date
    (assuming it is a business day)
  • Applying for an EasiCredit Online

    1. Why should I use MyInfo to complete my application?

      MyInfo contains Singapore government verified information on you, which you can allow banks to use in support of your application. By using MyInfo, majority of the fields in the application form will be auto-populated with this information, thereby shortening the entire application process including providing you with an almost immediate application outcome.

    2. If I use MyInfo to make my application, is it possible to edit fields pre-filled by MyInfo? If so, what are the editable fields?

      As MyInfo contains Singapore government verified information, only some fields within MyInfo are editable, such as mobile number, email address, name of employer (if you are a Singaporean or PR) and education level. If you wish to update any of the details reflected in the non-editable fields, you can approach the relevant agencies, as indicated in MyInfo, to update.

      If you happen to be using a different mailing address from your address on MyInfo, please fill in the other form instead.

    3. I am currently receiving the bank's one-time passwords through a mobile number that is different from the one I used in my application. Will this change with my application?

      No, your one-time passwords will continue to be sent to the original mobile number.

    4. I completed my application at a roadshow. Is this different from applying through the bank's website?

      Your application is not processed when you click submit at a roadshow. After an hour from the point that you have submitted it digitally, you will be sent an SMS and email, with a link for you to click to trigger for instant processing

    5. What are the system downtimes and how will I be impacted by it?

      Daily from 9.30pm to 6am, as well as on Sundays and Public Holidays (specifically for ExtraCash Loans), you may receive an approved status confirmation but not receive the SMS and email notifications that carry the link to the details of the newly applied product, nor will you be able to see the newly approved product in Internet Banking.

      Also, daily from 12am to 8am, due to the maintenance of Credit Bureau system, your unsecured credit card or loan/line application will not be able to get an instantaneous outcome.

    6. How would I be contacted should my application require pending documents or has been rejected?

      You will receive a physical letter informing you of the documents you require for your application, should your application require further documents. You will receive an email and physical letter if your application has been rejected.

  • Instant Usage of EasiCredit

    1. How can I use my EasiCredit account immediately if I have not received my ATM card yet?

      You can log in to your Online Banking account and use PayNow to transfer daily up to SGD 1000 from your EasiCredit account to PayNow registered user of your choice. Instructions on this arrangement is also available in the email that is sent to you upon application approval.

    2. I did not provide my signature when I signed up for an EasiCredit. What should I do if I want to perform transactions that require the verification of signature?

      Please proceed to any OCBC branch where you can present to any OCBC staff a a copy of your signature together with your original identification documents – NRIC or passport, to update your signature with the bank.

    3. How can I apply for a chequebook?

      Successful EasiCredit applications via our website will not automatically come with a cheque book.

      If you require a cheque book, you can click on the link in the EasiCredit approval email or SMS that was sent to you after your application has been approved.

      After you have been verified, you may then proceed to select the option “Apply for Cheque Book”, upload your signature and click submit to apply for a cheque book. As this link is only available for 7 calendar days, you may also request for a cheque book via Internet Banking subsequently.

  • EasiCredit Fees & Charges

    You may view the summary of fees and charges for EasiCredit here.

  • Ways to get Credit Bureau Report

    If you wish to have a free credit report, you may obtain it within 30 calendar days from the date of approval or rejection of your EasiCredit application.

    1. Login to using your Singpass credentials/ via the credit bureau website listed below.
    2. Visit the Credit Bureau Singapore office at 2 Shenton Way, #20-02 SGX Centre 1 Singapore 068804
      Please bring along your approval or rejection letter and your NRIC to the above credit bureau’s registered office to obtain a free credit report.

    For more information, you may visit or contact Credit Bureau Singapore at (65) 6565 6363.