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  • Transaction and Authorisation Limits

    What is a daily transaction limit?

    A daily transaction limit refers to the total amount that you can pay or transfer in a day. It gives you greater control over how much money moves out of your bank account(s).

    How it works

    You can set daily transaction limits for local and overseas funds transfers and transactions via PayNow, FAST, Pay Any Card, debit cards, eNETS, NETS QR and MEPS.

    Just log in to OCBC Internet Banking or the OCBC Digital app to do so.

    Once a limit has been set, the sum of transactions made in a day cannot exceed the limit.

    What are the daily transaction limits?

    Transaction type Daily transaction limit
    Local transfers and Pay Any Card S$5,000 (Default)
    PayNow and NETS QR S$1,000 (Default)
    MEPS transfers S$5,000 (Default)
    Overseas transfers S$5,000 (Default)
    eNETS S$5,000 (Default), up to S$100,000 per day and S$200,000 per month
    Local transfers via ATM (to OCBC or other bank accounts) S$5,000 (Default), up to S$25,000 per month
    ATM cash withdrawals S$1,000 (Default), S$3,000, or S$5,000 per day depending on the daily limit you have signed up for
    Debit Visa/Mastercard card transactions 0 (to Deactivate), S$200, S$1,000 (Default), S$2,000, S$3,000, S$5,000 and S$50,000

    See ATM withdrawal & card spending limit to learn more.

    Step-by-step guide to changing a daily transaction limit:

    Via Internet Banking

    • Log in to OCBC Internet Banking
    • Go to Customer service > Manage transaction limits
    • Review and confirm the new limit
    • Authorise the change using OCBC OneToken (on your mobile device) or your hardware token

    Via OCBC Digital

    • Log in to OCBC Digital app
    • Tap on the menu icon at top left corner > Transfer & Payment > Manage transaction limits
    • Review and confirm the new limit
    • Authorise the change via OCBC OneToken (on your mobile device) or hardware token


    What is an authorisation limit?

    The authorisation limit refers to the amount at which you will need to authorise a transaction using your fully activated OCBC OneToken or hardware token. It applies to each transaction you make and differs by transaction type.

    As well as providing an extra layer of security, authorisation limits give you greater visibility on high-risk transactions being made on your account.

    What are the default authorisation limits?

    Default authorisation limits include:

    Transaction type Authorisation limit
    PayNow, NETS QR and PromptPay PayNow transactions S$200.01
    Other local and overseas fund transfers / Bill payments S$1,000.00

    Authorisation limits are fixed. For your security, they cannot be changed.

    Learn more about Authorisation Limits.

    Learn more about OCBC OneToken.

    Step-by-step guide to authorising a transaction above the authorisation limit using the OCBC OneToken or hardware token:

    For OCBC OneToken users

    • Step 1: Ensure that you have fully activated your OCBC OneToken. If you have not done so, please complete the activation using your card PIN or the Token Key (this will be mailed to you). Wait for 24 hours – this period cannot be shortened – for your OCBC OneToken to be fully activated.
    • Step 2a: If you are using the OCBC Digital mobile banking app, authorisation of the transfer/payment will take place automatically. You do not need to key in any codes.
    • Step 2b: If you are using OCBC Internet Banking, you will receive a push notification – tap on the push notification and select ‘Confirm’ to authorise the transaction.

    For hardware token users

    • Step 1: Press the ‘SIGN’ button to turn on the token.
    • Step 2: Enter the code displayed on Internet Banking, the OCBC Digital mobile banking app into your token.
    • Step 3: Press the ‘SIGN’ button on the token again to generate a code.
    • Step 4: Enter the 6-digit code into Internet Banking, the OCBC Digital mobile banking app to authorise the transaction.

  • Pricing guide

  • SMS Notification Alerts for Transactions

    We will update you with your transaction details by sending SMS notification alerts to your mobile phone number. You will receive instantaneous SMS alerts (or Push Notifications if enabled) when you make the following transactions.

    Note: To find out which transaction alerts are available under Push Notification, click here.


    Type of SMS Alerts

    Default Enrolment Settings

    Default Amount


    Overseas ATM cash withdrawal




    Change in local ATM cash withdrawal
    and NETS Purchases default threshold limit
    for transaction alert from 24 June 2022




    Funds transfers and bill payments at ATM




    Other account debit alerts*

    • Cheques
    • GIRO
    • Remittance
    • Others (such as other financial transactions via branches and Phone Banking)
    No auto-enrolment Amount shall be determined by customer


    Online Banking payments and transfers

    Auto enrolment



    Update of contact details via ATM and Online Banking




    Activation/Deactivation of overseas ATM cash withdrawal feature




    Activation of credit and debit cards




    Change of alert settings




    - Other transactions via other banking channels
    No auto-enrolment Amount shall be determined by customer

    Debit/credit card transactions^

    Auto-enrolment S$500.00

    * If your transaction exceeds S$50,000.00, we will send you SMS notification alerts irrespective of the alert setting.

    # You are unable to unsubscribe to this alert as it is mandatory.
    Transactions initiated by the Bank, such as credit card cashbacks, will not trigger notifications.

    You may choose to customise the alert settings via OCBC Online Banking.
    For more enquiries, please call 1800 363 3333 or visit any of our OCBC branches.

    Update Your Mobile Phone Number Now

    To ensure you are kept informed of your account/transaction details, it is important for the bank to be updated with your current mobile phone number.

    You may update your mobile phone number via the following methods:

    *With effect from 18 March 2022, updating of mobile number via online banking will take at least 12 hours to be effective.

  • Pay Any Card service via ATM

    1. Insert ATM card
    2. Select language
    3. Key in your PIN
    4. Select "MORE SERVICES"
    5. Select "BILL PAYMENT"
    7. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction

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