Payments & Transactions


Set up GIRO payment with OCBC

  1. Login to OCBC Online Banking, scroll to “Payment & Transfer”, click on “GIRO services”, then select “Application” on the left hand menu. Thereafter, submit the completed GIRO payment form for OCBC to process the GIRO set-up application.

   2.   Alternatively, you can send us the completed OCBC All-in-One GIRO  Application form.

If you have an existing GIRO arrangement with another bank, please  continue making payment through your existing bank until your billing organisation informs you of the new OCBC GIRO payment arrangement. Then, inform your existing bank to terminate the current arrangement

How to terminate your OCBC GIRO payment arrangement

Kindly approach any of our branches or call us to request for a termination of your OCBC GIRO arrangement.

Status of GIRO application

Your billing organisation will notify you on the outcome of your GIRO application.

Any new GIRO arrangements will take at least 21 days to take effect. If you do not receive any notification from your billing organisation on the new arrangement within 21 days, you may wish to contact your billing organisation to enquire about the status of your GIRO application.

If your GIRO application is unsuccessful, OCBC Bank will notify you on the rejection.

Changes to Interbank GIRO

1. Setting up of payment instructions

  • Easy set-up of payment instructions without the need for branch code (it will be replaced by Bank Identifier Code (BIC))
  • Increase in account number field to allow entry of full bank account number
  • Provide clarity on transfers details in your bank statements

2. What do you mean by the full bank account number?

The full bank account number will include the branch code followed by the existing account number. Please refer to examples below:

  • Current account (12-digit): 501123456001
  • Savings account (10-digit): 5011123456

3. When will I be required to enter the full bank account number?

You will be required to enter the full bank account number when you set up GIRO and FAST instructions.

4. Do I need to remember the bank's BIC for my OCBC Online Banking GIRO/FAST transaction?

You are not required to memorise the bank's BIC as you only need to select the name of the bank that you wish to transfer to.