Online & Mobile Banking

Easy Q

What is Easy Q?

No more waiting in the branch!

Easy Q is a mobile queue ticketing service on OCBC Mobile Banking that allows customers to take a digital queue ticket before arriving at the branch to be served. The queue situation of each branch will be reflected on Easy Q.

Digital queue tickets are not available for the following services, please proceed to the branch to be served:

  • FRANK advisory services
  • Safe Deposit Box services
  • Business Banking services

Standard branch operating hours apply. You may take a digital queue ticket only when the branch is open.

I do not have an OCBC Mobile Banking account. Can I still use Easy Q?

Yes, you can still use Easy Q.


You do not need a mobile banking account to use Easy Q.

How to take a queue ticket with Easy Q?

  1. Go to OCBC Mobile Banking app
  2. Click on the “Visit OCBC” icon and tap on “Get a queue number”
  3. Make a selection for Personal Banking or Premier Banking queue
  4. Select a branch
  5. Select a service
  6. Enter a valid mobile number to take a digital queue ticket

Why do I need to enter my mobile number?

SMS notifications may be sent to the mobile number, if required.

Do I need to take 2 queue tickets for multiple services?

If you require multiple services, you do not need to take multiple queue tickets. Simply inform the bank staff when you are being served.

How will I know if my queue number will be called soon?

Your queue status will be updated on your digital queue ticket on Easy Q.