OCBC Replacement ATM Card FAQs

OCBC Replacement ATM Card FAQs

Why is there a need to replace my magnetic stripe ATM card with a chip card?

Chip cards are safer than magnetic stripe cards. As your bank, we are always concerned about providing you an even safer banking environment.

What are the advantages of having the chip in my ATM card?

Compared to a magnetic stripe card, a chip card is able to store more data that uniquely identifies the card and the cardholder. This makes it nearly impossible for your ATM chip card to be tampered with.

Why do I have to activate my new ATM chip card?

For added security, we require our customers to activate any card that they receive from us. For your easy reference, please refer to the card mailer to see how you can activate your new ATM chip card.

How do I activate my new ATM card?

There are four ways for you to activate your new ATM card:

  • Via OCBC Online Banking: Login to Online Banking > Go to 'Customer service' tab > Click on 'Activate ATM card' > Follow on-screen instructions
  • Via OCBC Bank mobile app: On the login screen, select 'SMS Assist' > 'Activate my new card' > Follow on-screen instructions
  • SMS to 72323 (If overseas, please SMS to +65 9327 2323): 'AEC <space> NRIC/Passport no. <space> Last 4 digital of ATM card number'
  • Visit any OCBC Branch

Note: Joint account holders, please note that you can only activate your own personal ATM card.

Can I still activate my new ATM card at the ATM?

No. You will not be able to activate your new card at the ATM as your old card has been cancelled last year for security purposes. You may activate your new ATM card via the ways mentioned above.

Both my new and old ATM cards have been terminated. What should I do?

Please visit any OCBC branch for a new replacement ATM card.

What do I do with my old card?

Your old card has been cancelled last year for security purposes. Please cut your old card into half and dispose of it.

What happens if I do not activate my new ATM card?

If you do not activate your new ATM card by 31 May 2015, we will cancel it for security purposes.

How do I use the new ATM card?

You can present your new ATM card for payment as usual. Instead of swiping your ATM card, the cashier will insert your ATM card into the Point Of Sale terminal to process your payment.

Can I use the new ATM card to withdraw cash overseas?

Yes. If you have already activated this service , there will be no interruption to you. If you would like to add this service now, you can conveniently opt in for this through Online Banking, or by visiting any of our branches. 

What happens to my current PIN?

If your new ATM card has a different number from the old card:

A new PIN for your new ATM card will be mailed to you within 5 to 7 working days.

If your new ATM card has the same number as the old card:

Please continue to use your current PIN.

I have multiple accounts linked to my ATM card. What will happen to my accounts?

For your convenience, all accounts linked on your current ATM card have been carried over to your new ATM card. You can check which accounts are linked at any OCBC ATM. If you need to add or remove any of these linked accounts, please visit our website to download the form or any branch.

What is NETS FlashPay?

It is a new generation contactless, multi-purpose stored value function that can be used for transport and retail payment in Singapore. NETS (Singapore) Pte Ltd is the operator of NETS FlashPay.

Where can I use NETS FlashPay?

You can tap your ATM card to pay for public transport, which includes buses, trains and selected taxis, or at selected retail outlets with the NETS FlashPay readers / terminals. If you drive, you can also use your card to pay at CEPAS car parks which have been upgraded, and at ERP gantries (with the second generation In-vehicle Unit).

Where can I top-up for my NETS FlashPay?

You may top-up at any OCBC ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines, DBS or UOB ATMs, the General Ticketing Machines (GTM) found in the public transit, iNETS kiosks and NETS self-service top-up machine.

How can I top-up at an OCBC ATM?

Step 1 : Insert your ATM card

Step 2 : Select language (English or Chinese)

Step 3 : Enter your ATM card PIN

Step 4 : Select "MORE SERVICES"

Step 5 : Select "MORE SERVICES"


Step 7 : Select "NETS FLASHPAY"

Step 8 : Read and confirm T&C

Step 9 : Remove your ATM card which will be ejected from the machine

Step 10 : Place your ATM card on the card holder

Step 11 : Select "TOP UP"

Step 12 : Enter your ATM card PIN

Step 13 : Select "TOP UP AMOUNT"

Step 14 : Press "CONFIRM" to proceed with the transaction (If there is no charge, ATM will not display this screen.)

Step 15 : Transaction is completed.

Step 16 : ATM will print receipt after transaction is completed

What are the various top-up amounts for NETS FlashPay?

You may choose the following amounts: $10, $20, $30, $50, $100, $200 and $300.

Is there any fee charged to top up the NETS FlashPay Card?

There is no fee for topping up NETS FlashPay at OCBC, DBS and UOB machines. For other top up locations, a top-up fee of up to $0.30 per transaction may be applicable to you.

Does the new NETS FlashPay ATM card come with Auto Top-Up (ATU) feature?

No. You will need to top up the ATM card at any OCBC ATM, cash deposit machine or NETS kiosk.

What should I do if my ATM card is lost / stolen?

You will need to call both the following hotlines to report loss of your card immediately.

  1. OCBC Contact Centre hotline: 1800 363 3333 (24 hours)
  2. NETS Customer Service hotline: 6274 1212 (Mon to Sat: 9am to 7pm, Sun & Public Holidays: 10am to 7pm) - To deactivate the NETS FlashPay function on your ATM card.

Can I get a refund of my NETS FlashPay stored value if my ATM card is lost / stolen?

You may contact the NETS Call Centre hotline directly and report loss of your ATM card where the agent will provide you with the administration form to complete. The NETS Call Centre personnel will credit the card balance into the debit account you state on the form.

I have more questions on the NETS FlashPay facility. Who should I call?

You may call the NETS Customer Service hotline at 6274 1212 if you have more enquiries regarding NETS FlashPay or visit the NETS FlashPay website at www.nets.com.sg