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Application of banking services - Applying a Business Debit Card

Frequently asked questions
  • Applying for a Card

    The Business Debit Card is free with any of our SGD Business Accounts such as the Business Growth Account.

    Simple click here to download and complete the forms to apply. Submit by mail or at any of our branches.

    1. Application form
    2. Directors' Resolution Template
  • Instant usage of digital card

    1. What is a digital card?

    A digital card is the debit card or credit card that you will receive instantly via the link embedded in the email and SMS sent to you after the approval of your application.

    The digital card will have the same card number and expiry date as the physical card that you will receive. The only difference between the digital card and physical card is that of the CVV.

    2. What should I do if I want to use my digital card immediately upon approval?

    Follow this guide to learn how to access your digital debit card details and start using it.

    3. What can my digital card be used for? Are there any restrictions that come along with using my digital card?

    Your digital card can be used for online and in-app purchases (e.g. on mobile wallet like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay), recurring payments.

    Note that for your safety, the bank will decline digital card transactions whereby the eCommerce merchants do not request for your digital CVV (the 3 digits beside the signature panel at the back of the card image).

    To transact at these merchants, you will need to first activate your physical card.

    4. When will the CVV of the digital card be valid till?

    The CVV of the digital card will remain valid till its expiry date or when you activate the physical card.

    5. Is there a need to re-enter my card details when I receive my physical card?

    If you have already used the digital card before activating your physical card, we recommend that upon activating your physical card, you should re-enter card details for eCommerce and card-on-file transactions. There will be no need to re-provide the card details for recurring payment, e.g. insurance premiums and Mobile Wallet transactions.