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Mobile Banking - General

Frequently asked questions
  • How do I update my mobile number?

    To update your mobile number(s) with us, please complete the Apply and Manage OCBC Velocity and mail it back to us.

    Alternatively, you can log in to OCBC Velocity, go to top menu tab, look under “Tools’ and click on “Change contact details’.

  • Can all users in my organisation access the OCBC Business app?

    As long as your organisation is subscribed to OCBC Velocity, registered users can access their account via the OCBC Business app.

  • Can I use/access the OCBC Business app when I am overseas?

    Yes you can. However, do note that overseas mobile data charges are applicable based on your mobile service provider.

  • What devices are compatible with the OCBC Business app?

    OCBC Business app is available on:

    • Apple iPhone 8 models or later, above iOS 12 and
    • Android phones, above OS 5.0.

    For optimal app stability and security, ensure that you update your device’s operating system (OS) to the latest version.

  • What types of transaction notification alerts will I receive?

    You will receive SMS and/or email notifications when your transactions are "Pending Authorisation" or "Authorised".

    Transaction Status Alert What it means
    Pending Authorisation Transaction has been verified but not authorised until all authorisers have approved.
    Authorised Transaction has been fully authorised by all authorisers.

    *The above alerts will be sent unless you have instructed the bank not to send.

    For changes to the alert notifications, only the authorised signatory can change their own notification preference by calling us at +65 6538 1111 (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays, 8am to 8pm). Otherwise, please send us a letter of instruction signed by the Authorised Person.