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Mobile Banking - Authorisation

Frequently asked questions
  • Which type of transactions can I approve via the app?

    You can approve cash and trade transactions - on the app and as well as on OCBC Velocity.

  • Can I use the app to approve transactions submitted via OCBC Velocity?

    Yes, you can approve transactions submitted via OCBC Velocity or the app.

  • Can I use SMS-OTP to approve transactions?

    Yes, you are able to use SMS-OTP to approve transactions of amount up to S$20,000 to your added payees created in the app. You would need to use a security token for any transactions above this threshold.

    To use SMS-OTP,
    You must register your mobile phone number with us.

    If you have not done so, you may update your mobile particulars by completing the Apply and Manage OCBC Velocity and mail it back to us.

    Once your mobile number is registered, you can log in to the app to add payee. You are only able to add a payee when submitting a transaction at the Review page. Tick the field - ‘Add as payee’. A one-time verification via security token is required to approve this transaction. Once verified, the new payee is added to the Payee list for subsequent transactions.

  • What are my options to approve a transaction?

    You have the option to toggle between using SMS-OTP and security token to approve transactions.

  • Can I approve an ad-hoc transaction using SMS-OTP?

    No, a security token is required for all ad-hoc transactions.

  • How do I identify if my transaction requires a security token for authorisation?

    A security token is required for all ad-hoc transactions and for transactions created for added payees that show a security token icon.

  • How can I approve trade transactions on the OCBC Business app?

    Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the OCBC Business app.

    App Store Google Play

    Log in and click on the “Items to Approve” notification bar to approve your trade transactions.

    For security reasons, a security token will be required to authorise your trade transactions.