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Mobile Banking - Registration

Frequently asked questions
  • How to log into Business Mobile Banking?

    OCBC Business app is only available to business customers who have access to OCBC Velocity in Singapore.

    If your company has yet to sign up for OCBC Velocity, please complete the OCBC Velocity Application form and mail it back to us.

  • Can existing OCBC Velocity users log in to OCBC Business app?

    To do so, you just need to successfully login to OCBC Velocity for the first time from a PC/Mac and register your new security token

  • What happens if I lose/ switch mobile devices?

    - You can activate OneToken on another mobile device, and this will automatically deactivate OneToken on your previous device

    - Simply download the OCBC Business app on your new device. Log in with your credentials and follow the steps via “Lost/ Changed Phone” function which is found on the login screen.