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Business Internet Banking - Uses of token

Uses of Token Frequently asked questions
  • How do I activate my OCBC OneToken?

    Important Note: OneToken can only be set up using the OCBC Business Banking App


    1. Download OCBC Business Banking app
    2. Launch app
    3. Tap on More > Setup Password
    4. Enter OCBC Velocity Login Credentials
    5. Enter SMS One-Time Password
    6. Enter Activation Code from the email that we have sent you
    7. Setup OneToken PIN
    8. Setup Biometric access (if required)
    9. Create Velocity Login Password
    10. Please wait through the 2 hours cooling period before you can start using the app
    11. What are security tokens used for?

      Make transactions
      You need to use a security token to authorise the following transactions: Cashier's Order, Demand Draft, Internal Transfer, Own Account Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, MEPS, GIRO, FAST, Stop Cheque and Bill Payment and all Trade transactions.

      The Administrator will also need to use the security token whenever they want to create a new user, delete a Maker, reset Maker's passwords and unlock access for a Maker.

      To access OCBC Velocity
      All users need to use their security token to login to OCBC Velocity. For authorisers within the company, they will also use the token for approving transactions within OCBC Velocity.


    12. Why are there multiple security tokens in the OCBC Velocity Starter Kit?

      Security tokens in the OCBC Velocity Starter Kit are pre-assigned to a unique user. Each user has to use their pre-assigned token to complete a one-time registration and activation process upon first login.

      Thereafter, the token is unique to the user who registered and activated the token.

    13. Can security tokens be shared among users?

      Each security token is pre-assigned to a unique user. As such, they can neither be shared nor registered to a different user.

      The token cannot be registered to another OCBC Velocity user. This protects and ensures the integrity of each user's access to OCBC Velocity.

    14. What happens when I use the wrong token?

      When you try to use a security token that is not assigned to you, you will not be able to register, activate nor use it to gain access to OCBC Velocity.

      Please check details in the Starter Kit to make sure you are holding the right security token.

      For assistance, call us at +65 6538 1111 (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays, 8am to 8pm) or get in touch with us through our contact form.

    15. Can the token be used overseas?

      Yes, you can.

    16. I have a faulty token/ I lost my token. How do I get a replacement?

      Steps you need to take:

      • Complete the Apply & Manage OCBC Velocity Form. Ensure the fields under "Business details" are completed and field "Replace token - Defective token or Lost token" is selected.
      • Submit the original form, along with the defective token to any of our branches or mail to the address indicated on the form.

      Once we receive and verify your form, we will take 7 business days for processing. A new token will be sent to your mailing address based on our records.

    17. Why do I get an error message when I enter the one-time-password?

      Please call us at +65 6538 1111 (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays, 8am to 8pm) for assistance.