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Update of company or account details - Update business account services and other services

Frequently asked questions
  • How to update my business account details and other services?

    If you are a sole proprietor or single director company, you can now update your mailing address or business name instantly when you login with OCBC Velocity. Select the update you would like under “Tools”.

    No access to OCBC Velocity? Use our online forms here:
    Update contact details
    Update business address
    Update business name or number

    For other updates to your business accounts, please download and complete these forms that allow you to change authorised signatories, business name, address etc

    Business Account Update Form
    Board Resolution (if required)

    If you are holding on to a Business Debit Card, please download and complete this form to update your contact details (including your mobile number which will allow you to receive SMS One-Time Password (OTP) for your Card). Note that your personal account notification for all your personal accounts with OCBC Bank will be sent to this mobile number and email address.

    Update your Card contact details


    If you have other services linked to this business account, please also complete the corresponding forms so that these services are updated:
    OCBC Velocity (Business Internet Banking)
    eAlerts@ocbc (SMS and email alerts)
    Business Debit Card
    Business Phone Banking (Phone Banking Services)

    IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO VIEW THE FORMS: You may not be able to open or view the PDF forms using your web browser e.g. Google Chrome. If you are unable to view the form, we recommend that you save a copy in your local drive to access the form outside of your web browser.

  • How do I download and open the PDF Form?

    Forms are best viewed on desktop using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to view the content of this form, please download and save a copy in your local drive to access the form or upgrade your Adobe Reader to version 9 and above.