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Security Frequently asked questions
  • Is OCBC Velocity secure?

    Safeguarding your interests and money is a priority for us. We use industry-standard security measures to keep your privacy and investments as secure as possible. We also strive to keep you updated on ways to protect yourself when banking online with us.

    Ways we protect you

    Two-factor authentication
    On top of your log-in credentials, we provide security tokens which allow you to authorise transactions securely.

    Secure, encrypted pages
    The "closed lock" icon on our online banking site means that information transmitted from your computer to our systems are encrypted.

    Every transaction is secure.
    Transactions that you perform through OCBC online banking is secured with a one-time password generated from your security token.

    Network security
    All of our banking systems sit behind firewalls that prevent intruders from getting unauthorised access to the system.

    Regular security reviews
    OCBC Business Internet Banking is regularly reviewed and audited by external and internal auditors to ensure that your interest is safeguarded.

  • What is Two-factor authentication (2FA)?

    Two-factor authentication is a two-layer identity verification process that we use each time a user log in to OCBC Velocity. This results in a more secure online banking environment for you.

    The first layer is your Organisation ID, User ID and password. The second is typically a physical security token which generates a security code or one-time password.

  • How to check if the page I’m assessing is secure and encrypted?

    To check if the page you are accessing is encrypted:

    Web Browsers

    (Note: the steps may differ depending on the version you are using)

    1. Near the top right hand corner of the url address bar, click on the lock icon.
    2. A window will open, presenting the website identification information as
    3. Click on the 'View Certificates' link in the window and ensure that the following appears on the certificate:

      Issued to:
      Issued by: DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA
      Validity date: DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY

    4. Click on the 'Certification Path' tab and ensure that the 'Certificate status' at the bottom is showing 'This certificate is OK.'
    5. If the internet connection is not secured, you will get a 'Mismatch Address' error in the window mentioned in point (b). Click on the 'Certificate Error' tab, you will see the reason for the error encountered. Please call us at +65 6538 1111 (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays, 8am to 8pm) to report the error. You will still be able to login to OCBC Velocity but you will be doing at your own risk.