Use OCBC OneToken for a seamless, secure banking experience

Say goodbye to physical hardware tokens. Switch to OCBC OneToken to enjoy hassle-free banking!

Make the switch to go digital with OCBC OneToken today where you can bank seamlessly and securely on your mobile.

Activate your OCBC OneToken via SMS OTP and your 6-digit Card PIN to start using it today!

Why you'll love OCBC OneToken
Banking Made Simple

Banking Made Simple

Login and transact seamlessly with background authentication – on a desktop or the app – without requiring a physical hardware token or SMS one-time password (OTP).

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

OCBC OneToken is integrated with the OCBC Digital app on your registered device. Perform high risk transactions seamlessly and securely.

Offline Access

Offline Access

No Internet connection on your mobile? Easily generate a manual OTP on your registered device.

Authorise transactions with just a tap

Authorise online purchases

Authorise your online purchases securely with just a tap on push notification. From end November 2023, if you are a registered OneToken user, you will not receive SMS OTP unless OCBC requires additional verification to authenticate your OneToken.

  • Why switch to OCBC OneToken?

    With OCBC OneToken, you will:

    • Enjoy a seamless, secured banking experience with just your mobile.
    • Never have to carry an additional “keychain” around.
    • Never have to wait for the physical hardware token to be mailed to you.
    • Do your part for the environment – Go green!
  • Is OCBC OneToken secure?

    Yes, the OCBC OneToken is securely integrated with the OCBC Digital app, in addition to requiring your device’s login authentication.

  • What if I lose my physical hardware token? Can I get a replacement token?

    Yes you can. However, we like to recommend you to switch to OCBC OneToken instead of replacing your physical hardware token. You can activate your OCBC OneToken even without your physical hardware token. For instructions, refer to our OCBC YouTube channel on how to activate OCBC OneToken with SMS OTP + Card Pin or our FAQ page for more information.

  • How can I activate OCBC OneToken?

    You need to have your card PIN to activate OneToken. Activation should only be carried out on your mobile banking app and nowhere else. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

Alternatively, you can activate your OCBC OneToken via SMS OTP and Token Key or via a physical hardware token.

View our Help & Support page for more information on how to authorise online transactions using OCBC OneToken.

Additional Information


We advise you to stay vigilant and secure your mobile device with a password, pin or relevant mechanism to prevent unauthorised use. Learn more about safeguarding your mobile phone to protect yourself.

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Activate OCBC OneToken on the OCBC Digital App now.

What is a 6 digit Card PIN? 

The 6-digit Card PIN is the PIN that was issued with your credit card or the PIN that you selected for your ATM card.

What is a Token Key?

The token key is a single-use 6-digit code, sent to you by mail. You will require this if you are prompted to enter the Token Key. You will need to use this 6-digit code to activate your OCBC OneToken to enable selected transactions such as:

  1. Add fund transfer payee and/or beneficiary
  2. Transfers exceeding your authorised limit
  3. Change of fund transfer limits
  4. Change of mailing address and contact details
  5. Change of Online Banking PIN

Only one Token Key is valid at a time – if you requested for more than one Token Key over different dates, please use the latest Token Key generated to activate your OCBC OneToken.

Can I continue to use the old physical hardware token or transact using SMS OTP after I have activated the OCBC OneToken?

No, once you have activated your OCBC OneToken on the mobile device, you will not be able to use your physical hardware token or SMS OTP for Online Banking / OCBC Digital app services and transactions. Do note that SMS OTPs will still be used for other services such as online card transactions (if the merchant requires an OTP), Phone Banking and SMS Banking.

If you are an existing iOCBC account holder, continue to use your physical hardware token to access your iOCBC account.

If activation fails, what do I do?

Ensure that:

  1. You are using the latest version of OCBC Digital app from App store
  2. Push Notifications are enabled for your OCBC Digital app 
  3. Do not use OCBC OneTouch for the activation request
  4. SMS OTP or physical hardware token is not suspended

For Android users, please clear app data, cache and uninstall OCBC Digital app from your android devices. Thereafter, reinstall OCBC Digital app and activate OCBC OneToken on your device.

For iOS users, please reinstall OCBC Digital app and activate OCBC OneToken on your device.

The use of OCBC OneToken follows strict security requirement as it is necessary in order to perform selected transactions on your OCBC Digital app. If the above steps do not work, this may be because the mobile device does not comply with the bank’s security policy for soft tokens (e.g. Jailbroken, library tampering, “fake” GPS, remote access).

Please check if you have installed any app(s) from unknown sources in your mobile device, proceed to uninstall those apps. Restart your phone, clear cache and reinstall the OCBC Digital app if necessary.

Otherwise, please call us at +65 6363 3333.

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