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HealthPass by OCBC - General

Frequently asked questions
  • Is OCBC providing medical services?

    No. OCBC partners with medical clinics but does not endorse, nor assumes any responsibility of liability in connection with the products, platform consultations and services.

  • Is this only for OCBC customers?

    The HealthPass by OCBC app is available for download for Apple and Android mobile devices, free of charge. Anyone in Singapore over the age of 18 can register for an account on the app.

  • What is video consultation?

    A video consultation is a consultation with a doctor on a video call through the mobile app. During the call, the doctor may ask the user to describe the symptoms or direct the phone camera as may be necessary for the diagnosis.

  • What medical conditions are unsuitable for video consultation?

    A video consultation is not for emergency or acute cases. Users with acute conditions or consulting on mental health are recommended to seek emergency help or see a doctor in-person at the clinic. Certain symptoms or Specialist consultations may require users to visit the clinic in person for the first visit, after which follow-up visits may be suitable for teleconsult.

    In view of COVID-19, it is up to each doctor’s discretion on the diagnosis of COVID-19 symptoms, in which case you may be directed to seek consultation in-clinic or contact the National Centre of Infectious Diseases (NCID).

  • Would OCBC have access to user's health data?

    No, as a key principle, OCBC and the platform provider does not have access to and cannot read or view users’ (patient) health records. Health records are only accessible by the patient and the medical clinics.

    The health records are made available to users through the app in a secured manner through the clinic providers.

  • Would a medical certificate be provided after the video consultation?

    Yes, the doctor can issue a valid digital Medical Certificate (MC) through the app. This will be made available under “Health Records” in the “Manage” tab. Users can download a copy of the digital MC to print, or email it to themselves. If required, users can still collect a paper MC from the clinics.

  • How would users obtain the medication after a video consultation?

    After the video consultation, if required doctors can issue medication through the app. Medication charges are separate from the doctor consult fee, and a delivery fee will apply. Medication is delivered within the same day, and typically within 4 hours.

    Alternatively users may also choose to collect medication at the prescribing clinic, or with a prescription, purchase the medication separately from a nearby pharmacy.

  • Can users choose a doctor for the medical services e.g. video consultation / in-clinic visit?

    Yes, users can select their preferred doctor from the doctors listing available for both General Practitioners (GP) and Specialists (SP), depending on the doctor’s availability for video consultation / in-clinic visit. Appointment bookings are also available on the app.

  • How would users be billed for consultation (video consultation / in-clinic visit)?

    To enjoy the flat doctor consultation fees, all payments will be made through the app for both video consultation and in-clinic visits. Patients do not have to make payments separately at the clinics. Users can add any credit or debit card as a payment option in the app.

  • What are the clinics available on HealthPass by OCBC?

    Currently 100+ private doctors are available for in-clinic and video consultation through the app. We are looking to continue to grow the number of clinics and doctors in the network to further benefit users.

    If you are a clinic provider that wishes to join the platform, please contact us.

  • Who should users contact if they require customer support?

    HealthPass users may contact customer support at