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Borrow up to 75% of your property’s valuation

Choose from a range of pricing packages with support from a dedicated mortgage specialist

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Who can apply

Singaporean, Singapore PR or foreigner above 21 years old

Loan amount must be at least S$200,000 for HDB flat or S$300,000 for Singapore private home

OCBC Home Loan lets you acquire your dream home faster with customised and holistic solutions.


Your home loan approval in 60 minutes

Apply for a home loan online and get it approved within 60 minutes


Complete range of loan packages

Take advantage of our wide range of fixed and variable pricing packages to suit your financing needs.

Home Loan Packages

Enjoy these Online Exclusive Rates for a selected time only. Select the loan that fits your needs.

  • OCBC 2Y fixed rate
  • OCBC mortgage board rate
  • 3M SIBOR
  • 90-Day SORA
OCBC 2y fixed rate
OCBC mortgage board rates
90-Day SORA (Simple Average)

OCBC 2Y fixed rate

OCBC mortgage board rates


(For private properties only)

90-Day SORA

(For new loans, completed private properties, minimum loan size of S$1 mil)

OCBC 2y fixed rate OCBC mortgage board rates 3M SIBOR 90-Day SORA (Simple Average)
Protects you from rate fluctuations for the first 2 years
Fixed instalments for the first 2 years
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Bank–managed rate, that can be revised at any time (30 days’ notice will be given)
Each pricing package has a specific mortgage board rate
The current mortgage board rate pricing packages are availed with mortgage board rates at 1.00%.
Switch to another pricing package for free should the mortgage board rate increase
Flexibility to prepay up to 50% of the loan amount within the lock-in period
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Pegged to the 3-month SIBOR and reviewed every 3 months
Instalments can increase or decrease depending on the SIBOR rate
Flexibility to prepay up to 50% of the loan amount within the lock-in period
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OCBC's 90-Day SORA (90D SORA) is computed using simple average of the SORA values for the past 90 calendar days. View more details on SORA.
Monthly rate changes. Each 90D SORA will be fixed and will apply throughout the next 1-month period.
Free switch to another pricing package after the 1-year lock-in period.
Flexibility to prepay up to 50% of the loan amount in the 1st year.
In the 3rd year, pricing switches to the Bank's Mortgage board Rate (MBR) availed at 1.00% for this pricing package. Free switch to another pricing package should the MBR increase.
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Year 11.55% (fixed) Year 11.50% (Board + 0.50%) Year 13M SIBOR + 1.00% Year 190D Sora + 1.28%
Year 21.55% (fixed) Year 21.50% (Board + 0.50%) Year 23M SIBOR + 1.00% Year 290D Sora + 1.28%
Year 3 1.75% (Board + 0.75%) Year 31.75% (Board + 0.75%) Year 33M SIBOR + 1.00% Year 31.88% (Board +0.88%)
Thereafter1.95% (Board + 0.95%) Thereafter1.95% (Board + 0.95%) Thereafter3M SIBOR + 1.00% Thereafter1.88% (Board +0.88%)

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Find out how much you need

Use our calculator to find out how much loan you need for your home purchase.

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Step 4

Accept our loan offer

You can accept our loan offer by clicking on the link in the offer email or SMS. Your letter of offer will be generated automatically after acceptance. Please read through the terms and conditions carefully before accepting.
Loan calculator

Find out how much you can borrow

Use our OCBC OneAdvisor Affordability Calculator to find out how much you can borrow, based on your income, age and financial status.

before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Minimum age

21 years old

Minimum loan amount for Singapore private home


Minimum loan amount for HDB flat


Additional information

  1. Online loan approval and usage are only applicable for applications via MyInfo. Please note delays or non-approvals of applications may occur for various reasons.
  2. ABS Guide: The Association of Banks in Singapore and MoneySENSE guide, "What You Should Know About Housing Loans - Key Questions to Ask The Bank Taking a Housing Loan" is available and you are encouraged to read it before committing to a residential property loan.
  3. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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