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Financial Wellness Index 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic - and its resulting economic uncertainties - has spurred more Singaporeans to adopt better financial habits. Take a closer look at how Singaporeans fared in the fourth edition of the OCBC Financial Wellness Index.

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Step 1

Understand your financial situation

  • Track and monitor your expenses with Money Insights and create a budget so that you do not overspend.
  • Avoid taking on high-interest debt. Pay off your credit cards on time.
  • Save at least 10% of your monthly salary. Set up a Savings Goal to have at least 6 months of emergency funds.
  • Too much idle cash may not be ideal. Explore OCBC Asset Builder to explore various ways to improve potential returns on your cash holdings.

Step 2

Ensure that you are adequately insured

You should have:

  • An Integrated Shield Plan / hospital and surgical plan to help with unexpected medical bills.
  • A critical illness plan to support you through loss of income and added expenses. Ideal coverage should be 3.9 times your annual income.
  • A life insurance plan to protect both you and your loved ones. Ideal coverage should be 9-10 times your annual income.

step 3

Plan for your future goals

With the foundations like an emergency fund and insurance plans in place, let us focus on planning for the future. Retirement? Your child's university education? Dream big and plan early.

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Start planning
Plan now

Pick 1 or more goals

First plan for your new home, then for your child's education and retirement

Plan for your child's education and retirement

First, plan for your new home then for your retirement

First, plan for your new home, then for your child's education

Plan for your child's future

Retire with peace of mind

Prepare for your new home

Home planner

5 minutes for single applicant

Find out how much you can borrow, the cash and CPF you need, and the total cost to buy the home.

Child's education planner

3 minutes

Starting with an estimate of your child's education costs, we'll show you how you can stay committed to their ambitions.

Retirement planner

3 minutes

We'll help you calculate how much you need based on the lifestyle that you want, then make a plan to stay focused on your retirement goal.

Child's education and retirement planner

5 minutes

Preparing for the future doesn't mean that you stop living for today. Make plans for you and your child's future.

Step 4

Find investment opportunities with OCBC

Saving alone is not enough to do all that we want in life – retirement, a dream home, your child's university education, enjoying your passion into your golden years – or even short term goals like going on sabbatical to travel the world or setting up a bakery business.

Step 5

Review your finances periodically

Do not be discouraged if you feel that you are not able to meet your goals today. Financial planning is a cycle. After all, circumstances change and needs evolve. 

'Six months' worth of expenses' means different things for a single person, a married couple and a couple with children. Protection needs also change as more people become dependent on you. As your income increases, and you become more confident and knowledgeable, you can also invest more.

A periodic review of your financial plans is crucial to ensuring that you can reach your goals eventually.

All your finances in one place

For more accurate financial planning, view all your finances across multiple banks and selected government agencies with Your Financial OneView.

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