Money Management | OCBC Singapore

Track and manage your money with ease

Manage your money and stay on top of your finances with just one app.  Whether you are looking to track your spending, set a budget or put money aside for your goals, OCBC Digital does that for you.  

Track all your transactions easily with Money In$ights

No more keeping tabs on your receipts or using third-party tracking apps as Money In$ights automatically records your spending.

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Set Savings Goal and hit your targets

Meet your short-term financial needs by putting money aside automatically every month.

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Set budgets and track your spending like pro

Keep your spending in check with alerts when you are exceeding your allocated budget.

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Live hassle-free as we organise your spending for you

Track your money without a spreadsheet

Money in, money out – see your cash flow each month and compare it across months easily.

Get your spending sorted by category

Sit back and relax while we categorise your spending into Transport, Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Shopping and more.

Make saving a healthy habit, set aside money automatically every month

Save money without even trying

Resist the urge to splurge as we set aside money automatically every month for you.

Get closer to saving for an occasion

Stash your cash into your own categories, and top up money anytime to reach your goals faster.

Take small steps towards big goals

Like a step tracker but for goals, track the progress of your savings easily. We’ll celebrate with you every time you reach one of your savings goals! 

Don’t worry, your money is not locked. Feel free to top up, release or pause your savings anytime. 

Set budgets and stick to them effectively

Create a budget that works for you

Set your monthly spending limit for each budget category and we’ll help you stick to it.

Start anytime you like

Sync the start date of your monthly budget cycle to your payday.

Budgeting made easy

We’ll notify you when you are spending too fast and reaching your spending limit so you won’t bust your budget.

Take charge

Manage your finances better on the OCBC Mobile Banking app now.

Available in English and Chinese