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Today is the day you start putting yourself first

The OCBC Financial Wellness Index reveals that, although everyone’s financial circumstances are different, they share a common theme: When it comes to money, it often brings stress.

Why is that so?

Some are living paycheck to paycheck, while others are struggling to maintain the lifestyle they are used to. Some worry about debt or retirement, while others struggle to provide for their families.

We get it, times are hard, and financial planning can be overwhelming. But here is the good news—if you are ready to take control of your finances and want to lower your stress levels, here are three steps you can take:


Know where you are at


See where you deserve to be


Get there with confidence

Imagine what it would be like to live a life free of financial stress. You would sleep better at night and be able to focus more on your work and relationships.

Start putting yourself and your retirement first.

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Find financial peace in money decisions as a couple

From ideal retirement goals to making joint decisions on major financial positions, we've got you covered. The panellists featured in this episode of The Financial Coconut will provide valuable lessons that they've learned about maintaining open communication, even in moments of high emotion.

Tune in to hear real talk about a taboo subject that affects most, if not all, couples. You might relate to their anecdotes or gain fresh insights into your own relationship.

How much money is enough for retirement? Can I outlive my savings?

It's a question on all our minds as we save and plan. But what does retirement truly look like?

Tune in to the latest episode of The Financial Coconut as we explore diverse real stories and the iterative journey of defining retirement on your own terms. You'll walk away questioning assumptions and considering new angles for your own definition of success after career.

How Inflation Threatens to Burn Through My Retirement Money

Aaron Chwee, Head of Wealth Advisory at OCBC knows a thing or two about guiding people through complex financial decisions. But what about his own journey?

Tune in to the video podcast with The Financial Coconut to get an inside look at the mistakes he made early on... and the sacrifices it took to get his ducks in a row.

Master Your Money Mindset: Unveiling The Secrets Of Financial Persona

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of OCBC financial personas in this episode from The Financial Coconut! They will explore how these personas shape our approach to money, secrets to leverage on your financial persona’ type, and sharing real-life examples.

Take the OCBC Financial Persona Quiz and find out what your Persona type is.

The Average Jo - Inflation & Recession

When inflation hits and daily expenses seem to be hitting the roof, what can The Average Jo do? Get advice from our resident wealth expert, Vasu, of course! Check out Vasu’s top tips to keep the threat of inflation and a possible recession at bay.

The Average Jo - Guide to Savings

There might be a better way to save your money than in a biscuit tin. The Average Jo learns from Head of Deposits Na Kok Peng how to beat inflation with savings accounts that offer better bang for your buck.

The Average Jo - Trading vs Investing

If you thought investing and trading were the same thing, think again! While both are methods to grow your wealth, they’re different. Here’s why.

The Average Jo - Guide to Credit Cards

Like many in Singapore, The Average Jo is flying out this holiday season. He thinks cash is king and is packing lots of it for his trip. But he meets OCBC's Head of Cards Business Vincent Tan just in time, who tells him - and you! - the advantages of getting a credit card and how to stay on top of his expenditure.

Invest to generate Income

With dampened economic growth in the China and Hong Kong markets, high inflation rates across Europe, and anticipated rate hikes in the United States – these factors has steered the overall house view towards global growth outlook.

The Average Jo - How to start investing

Did you know if you invested $100 instead of going to your favourite hot pot restaurant, you could be richer? The Average Jo finds out more from OCBC’s Head of Wealth Advisory, Aaron Chwee.

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