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Surveys have revealed one of Singaporeans' top worries - not having enough to retire to the lifestyle they desire.

Let us help you customise a range of solutions to prepare you for the retirement that you can look forward to.

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Children's Education

With the costs of education always on the rise, we understand that parents need to take charge of their children's future. We're here to help

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Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer is about the smooth transition of wealth across generations, ensuring that your wealth is protected and your children enjoy the fruits of your labour. It also means guiding your future generations so that your family wealth keeps growing for ages to come.

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Let us help you

You bring the numbers, we give you the plan. All you have to do is follow it.

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How do we do it?

Our 3-step approach covers every aspect of your financial needs.

Retirement planning
  1. Plan for the life you want after retirement
  • Time is a luxury we can afford once we retire. It may seem too far off in the future to be of immediate concern, but it is an inevitable life stage that we must prepare for, and the earlier the better.
  • Share with us your retirement aspirations, and allow us the opportunity to customise a plan for you, balancing both your needs and ambitions.
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Managing your retirement
  1. Manage, safeguard and build your retirement pot
  • Manage your cashflow by setting aside emergency funds for your retirement. Utilise tools such as OCBC Money Insights to set and track savings goals.
  • Safeguard yourself and loved ones against the unexpected with adequate protection for the assurance of comfortable and consistent payout after you retire.
  • Build your wealth by investing early to benefit from the power of compounding. Get the latest market insights from OCBC OneWealth to guide you through your investment journey.
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Monitor and review the progress of your financial planning
  1. Review and adapt
  • As circumstances may change from time to time, it is crucial to ensure you are on track with your retirement goals.
  • Review your plans with us consistently to ensure you are taking full advantage of any new opportunities available, in line with your changing needs and goals.
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You will get customisable
and comprehensive solutions

Based on your risk appetite and affordability,
we will provide the best solutions to ensure:

Secure retirement income

You will constantly be able to take stock of the current and projected value of your savings, insurance and investments, and the estimated amount you need for your retirement.


Get flexibility with portfolio diversification to reduce overall total risk.

OCBC Life Goals Series

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Be rewarded when you build your portfolio

Endowment Insurance

Get up to S$2,000 cash reward

Unit Trusts

Get up to S$100 worth of shopping vouchers

Protection Insurance

Get up to S$400 cash reward

For a limited time only, receive additional cash rewards of S$150 when you complete the OCBC Retirement Planner with us and purchase two qualifying products at any branch.

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