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Dual Currency Returns

Earn potentially higher interest from your currency-linked investment. Choose from over 10 different currencies, duration of investment and your preferred strike price.


On maturity, you will receive the principal plus interest earned in either the base or alternate currency, at the pre-agreed strike price.

How to apply

Investing in dual currency returns


  • Enjoy potentially higher interest on your investment
  • Choose from a wide range of currencies to suit your needs
  • Have the opportunity to obtain the alternate currency you need at a lower exchange rate (as compared to the exchange rate on the day you invested)

Suitable for

An investor who is willing to:
  • Take a risk on exchange rate between 2 currencies; and
  • Receive the principal plus interest in either of the 2 currencies at the end of the investment

How it works

This illustration is based on an investment amount of S$50,000 and duration of 2 weeks.

1 Select
Choose your
currencies & duration

Investment amount


Base currency is SGD.

Alternative currency


The currency you are comfortable holding.


2 weeks

Between 1 week to 1 month.

Set your
strike price

Strike price


Conversion price between AUD/SGD.

Interest rate

10% a year

The interest will be determined by strike price, currencies, duration and market conditions.

2 Possible exchange rate movement and Possible results
2 Possible exchange rate movement
Possible results

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Scenario 1

The AUD has strengthened against the SGD (above your strike price)

You will receive your original investments plus interest in SGD (base currency)

Scenario 2

The AUD has weakened against the SGD (below the strike price)

You will receive your original investments plus interest in AUD (alternative currency)


Key risks


  • Your investment has foreign exchange risks that can affected by politics, economics and current affairs.
  • You can lose all or part of your investment if:
    • the value of the currency we return your investment in, on the maturity date continue to fall;
    • you withdraw the investment before the maturity date; or
    • we become insolvent.



Important notice

This analysis is an illustration only. It is not an indication of future performance and does not reflect a complete analysis of all possible situations that may arise under any actual transaction. All opinions and estimates are given as of the current date and may change. The value of any transaction may vary as a result of market changes. This information is not intended to predict actual results and no guarantees are given

How to apply

Consult our financial consultants and we will provide you with free financial advice that suits your goals and risk profile, with no obligations.


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