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Ms Sharon Lim aspires to grow globally and transform the fashion industry. Find out how she is doing it with our help.

LivFresh Farms

Mr Karthik Rajan runs a high-tech, sustainable farm in Singapore. Find out how he is doing it with our help.

Hip & Knee Orthopaedics

Dr Adrian Lau has always dreamed of running his own practice. Find out how he is doing it with our help.

A true pan Asian security solutions provider

6,000 buildings in Singapore are kept secure thanks to Ademco Security Group and its state-of-the-art 24-hour Central Monitoring and Command Centre (CMCC). Having led the industry in cloud and wireless adoption, Ademco continues to transform the face of the security landscape and capture growing demands in the region to be a true pan Asian security solutions provider. Find out how we support businesses’ cross-border ambitions.

Pushing the frontiers of technology

Innovation is the name of the game for Akribis, whose high-precision systems aid in the production of equipment for everyday applications. For the industry expert, continuously pushing the frontiers of technology is a challenge it embraces to complement its deep knowledge and engineering expertise to succeed in the modern economy. Find out how we support businesses’ pursuit of innovation.

Growing from a start-up to tech unicorn

More than two decades ago, Nanofilm Technologies opened its first business account as a tech start-up. Today, the deep tech company has grown to be the first local tech unicorn listed on the Singapore Exchange, capturing commercial opportunities globally with its nanotechnology solutions and pushing materials science boundaries for endless possibilities.

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Guides and resources for every stage
Choosing the right business structure

Deciding on the right structure is important to help put your business on a sound footing and prepare it for growth.

Learn more about the different business structures 
Acquiring licenses and permits to run your business

Get useful information on the licenses and permits that you may need before your business can operate.

Find out which licenses and permits you will need 
Seamlessly integrate accounting software

Collection, analysis and reporting of financial information can be overwhelming for first-time business owners. Consider hiring an accountant when your first tax filing is due.

Connect your business account to XERO 
Setting up business premises

Choosing the right location is critical so be sure to find out the URA usage restrictions and whether you can successfully apply for a change of use before signing a tenancy agreement. You should also check if your renovation works require fire safety certification (FSC).

See all URA usage restrictions 
Guides and resources for every stage
Strategies to become a serial entrepreneur

If being a serial entrepreneur sounds like your next big adventure, here's how you can embark on this exciting journey.

3 ways to become a serial entrepreneur 
Use your track record to seek finance for your next venture

Instead of viewing your new business as an independent entity, we conside your entire existing portfolio of operating businesses, together with your proven track record as a serial entrepreneur.

Take advantage of your track record 
Essential resources for serial entrepreneurs to operate well

Starting your next business? Here are three great types of resources to keep your multiple business operations running smoothly.

Check out 3 resources you need 
Get clarity in your cash flow management and e-invoicing

As your business grows, so does the challenge of staying on top of your revenue, expenses and collecting payments. Give yourself both clarity and confidence with an up-to-date, 360-degree view of your business cash flow.

Stay on top of your finances 
Guides and resources for every stage
Create and send invoices seamless using InvoiceNow

When it comes to bill payments, you should make it easy for people to pay you. Automatically create, exchange and process payment requests both locally and abroad. Create and send e-Invoices for free without having to use manual spreadsheets or subscribe to invoice generation tools.

Send and receive e-invoices with InvoiceNow 
An alternative solution to meet your business' short-term financing needs

While taking bank loans are common avenues we can tap on for funding, they are not the only option. Consider this alternative financing solution: invoice financing. Read on to understand how this short-term financing tool can help to grow your business and minimise cash flow and liquidity issues. 

When should a small business apply for invoice financing over term loans 
It’s time to digitise your business

Going digital is imperative for the future of business. We’re here to help your business kickstart its digital transformation.

Get started with e-commerce 
Understand your filing obligations

Obtain your tailored IRAS and ACRA filing timelines with the New Company Start-Up Kit. Plus, use our IRAS calculator to find out your filing due dates.

Find out your filing due dates 
Expanding your business to Malaysia?
Expanding your business to Malaysia?

Leading your business' expansion to Malaysia? We are ready to support you in capturing new business opportunities in Malaysia with our extensive local knowledge and innovative cross-border banking solutions.

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Guides and resources for every stage
How to further business growth with overseas expansion

Considering taking your business to the international stage? Here’s some best practices and pitfalls to avoid as you plan to take your business global.

Get insights on international expansion 
How to employ and pay your employees

Many businesses engage freelance service providers like Fiverr and Upwork because it is an affordable way to get help without the commitment of hiring full-time staff.

However, if you are hiring staff, you must comply with MOM's payslip and employment contract requirements. Get expert tips on employment contract in our handy guide before you start.

Learn what is needed when hiring for your business 
How to get the most suitable loan for your small business?

Loans serve many purposes. Besides helping SMEs tide through difficult times, they can improve the capabilities of a business and ensure it stays profitable and sustainable in the years ahead.

Discover the differences between 4 types of business loans 
How to strengthen your marketing strategy

Grow your business with marketing tools and techniques that can widen your reach and drive quality traffic. This will help your business engage and convert more customers.

Ensure your marketing strategy stays relevant 
Guides and resources for every stage
Ways to trade overseas

When buying from overseas suppliers, go in with eyes wide open because it can be difficult to resolve problems when you are thousands of miles away.

Buy with assurance from overseas suppliers 
Funds to take your business global

After starting your company in Singapore and achieving a certain measure of success, you might be considering overseas expansion. Tap into grants, toolkits and services to support your business ventures. 

Discover government grants for overseas expansion 
Give your working capital a boost

Get the extra funds to take on a big order, stock up ahead of seasonal demand or expand your business quickly. Whether you’re looking for government-backed loans, financing a new property purchase, refinancing or repricing your existing property, we’ve got a financing package catered to your needs.

Discover various customised financing solutions to grow your business quickly 
Making the most of sales through social

Apart from keeping up to date with news, views as well as opinions, social media also provides savvy entrepreneurs a channel in which they can find leads, build an audience, market a product and make money.

Boost your business with live streaming 
Featured loan: SME sustainable financing
Tips and insights for your business

From smart ways to streamline day-to-day processes, to the development of your business ideas, keep your business growing and going with OCBC.

Industry-specific solutions

Whether it’s traditional credit facilities or sophisticated fund raising, our team will work with you to develop the most appropriate financing solution for your business.

Running a healthcare business 
Running a F&B business 
Running a business in the education sector 
Running a business in the logistics sector 
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