Get paid faster when you use InvoiceNow

Why you will love this

Send and receive e-invoices securely

Get paid faster with quicker invoice processing and no missing invoices

Reduce manual work and errors by using our standardised format across local and international businesses

Who can apply

All OCBC Business Banking customers

InvoiceNow helps businesses create, exchange and process invoice payment requests automatically. This e-invoice solution also allows them to transact seamlessly with other companies that are linked to the InvoiceNow network locally and abroad.

What is invoicenow

InvoiceNow is a nationwide E-invoicing method that facilitates the direct transmission of invoices in a structured digital format across finance systems.

This helps both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprises (LEs) enjoy smoother Invoicing, faster payments and a better way to save the environment. Learn more

How is InvoiceNow different from my e-invoices?

With InvoiceNow, you and your recipients can enjoy a standardised e-invoicing format and transact easily via PayNow.

Benefits of using InvoiceNow
We are the only bank in Singapore to integrate E-Invoicing as part of our Digital Business Banking, OCBC Velocity. This service is free for all OCBC Business Banking customers and there is no subscription fee or cap on the number of invoices you can send.

Use InvoiceNow for Free!

Integrated into OCBC Velocity, send E-Invoices easily with InvoiceNow using our Business Financial Management tools.

Improve efficiency and reduce cost

Accelerate your invoice processing and payment times with lesser manual work and manual entry errors. This also reduces the use of paper and mailing, making it greener for the environment.

Get paid faster

Enjoy quicker invoice validation and lesser delays in payments from customers. You can also track your invoices to ensure they do not get lost.

Transact locally and internationally

Issue and receive all e-invoices in one standardised format across all businesses on the InvoiceNow network.
Seamless Invoice Payments

Enjoy faster payments with PayNow

Collect payments with ease when you link your PayNow account to InvoiceNow.

Before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Type of business incorporation and registration
All OCBC Business Banking customers, regardless of country of incorporation
Terms and conditions

Fees and charges

No subscription fee needed, free for all OCBC Business Banking customers.

Pricing guide and notices


Ready to register for InvoiceNow?

Register your business for InvoiceNow

Common questions
What is InvoiceNow?

The InvoiceNow is a set of open standards and specifications which enables the exchange of standardised documents, such as e-invoices, between businesses via a secure network.

The nationwide E-Invoicing network implemented by IMDA in 2019 is an extension of InvoiceNow.

What is InvoiceNow? How is this different from e-invoices that I send by email today?

InvoiceNow is a way for a business to send a standardised digital e-invoice to another business via a secure network.

Today, an invoice would typically be a hardcopy document or a PDF file sent to the recipient's organisation by postal service or email. The recipient will then have to re-enter the details of the invoice into his/her own accounting system. Similarly, you may be receiving many e-invoices in the form of PDFs and require someone to manually input the invoice details or scan the pages of your invoices into the system. These manual interventions and transactions are time consuming and prone to errors.

Unlike sending a physical document or a PDF file, an InvoiceNow invoice is sent automatically to the buyer's InvoiceNow approved system via a secure network. There's no manual work needed.

After signing up, how can I start using InvoiceNow? What is OCBC Bank's solution?
Our E-Invoicing solution is integrated in OCBC Velocity.

To start using our free E-Invoicing Solution:

Step 1:
Login into OCBC Velocity with your login credentials.

Step 2:
Go under the “Financial Management” menu. Select the "Invoice Overview Sales or Bills" and follow the on-screen steps to create.

Need more help? Watch our simple video tutorials on how to create invoices in OCBC Velocity.
How much does it cost?

InvoiceNow is free to use on OCBC Velocity. Sign up now if you have not subscribed to OCBC Velocity.

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Alternatively, email* us at using the following template:

To OCBC Bank,

Please use the details below to register my company on the nationwide E-Invoicing network (an extension of the International Peppol E-Delivery Network) implemented by IMDA.

1. Company name:
2. Country of business registration:
3. Singapore registered Unique Entity Number (UEN) or Foreign registered Business Registration Number (BRN):

If you need to register multiple UEN/BRNs:

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We will update you on the status of your registration by email.

*Please note that by emailing us, you are deemed to have:

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