Fund your overseas business

Why you will love this

Collateral-free loan designed for overseas use

Fulfill cashflow requirements for overseas operation

Meet working capital needs for overseas expansion

Who can apply

The company must be incorporated in business for at least 2 years

At least 30% owned by Singaporean or PR shareholding

A working capital loan that provides immediate funding for your overseas day-to-day operations, business expansion and contingency needs.

Features and benefits

Meet your financing needs

Customised funding solutions for your overseas business need

Customised funding solutions for your overseas business need

Expand your business globally

Strong regional network across ASEAN, China, Hong Kong and beyond

Strong regional network across ASEAN, China, Hong Kong and beyond

Gain knowledge and connections

Connection to more in-depth understanding of the region through our wide network and expertise

Connection to more in-depth understanding of the region through our wide network and expertise

Before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Location of business incorporation and registration

All businesses registered in Singapore only

Terms and conditions

OCBC requires guarantor(s) to support the loan

Ready to apply?

Expand your business with our SME Overseas Loan


Benjamin Barker founder and CEO Nelson Yap continues to transform the home-grown menswear label into a global lifestyle brand by harnessing technology and embracing novel franchising models.

From a local engineering company to a one stop service engineering automation firm, A Plus Automation is well positioned to serve the e-commerce industry. Founder, Mr Rodney Ham brings the company to greater heights when he seized the opportunity to work with major e-commerce players with their customised sortation system.

Toyo Adtec - Embracing the new reality

Toyo Adtec is a distributor of technology products to the electronic manufacturing and healthcare industries continues to strive new heights and embrace the new reality during the pandemic. Founder, Noni Limpo shares how he works with his overseas team by empowering, e-managing through virtual meetings and electronically transact through cross border platform.

Common questions
Should I borrow in Singapore or in the foreign country?

Before you decide whether in Singapore or overseas, you may want to consider:

(i) Track record
Banks assess credit worthiness based on the years of operations in a particular country. If your company is a new set-up, you will likely find it difficult to borrow onshore in country of operation.

(ii) Interest Rates vs Foreign Exchange Risk
Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange Risk should be reviewed together. Interest rate is the cost of borrowing while Foreign Exchange rate is applicable when 2 currencies are in play. If the currency of your source of repayment (e.g. receivables) differs from your currency for your borrowings, then foreign exchange rate will come into play when it comes to converting one currency to another to repay your borrowings. Hence, you should weigh between FX volatility and interest rate savings.

(iii) Ease of remittance for loan repayment
If you need to remit funds overseas for loan repayment purposes, you need to check local regulations and requirements on remittance to said country. In most countries, interest payments relating to overseas indebtedness may attract withholding tax.

If I have a joint venture with a company in the overseas country, should I borrow in Singapore or overseas?

If you are a minority shareholder and have no management control over the joint venture, it is financially prudent not to take on the indebtedness of this joint venture’s entity under your Singapore’s entity.

How extensive is your network for overseas? If I need any help, can I go to your branches?

OCBC group’s core markets include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. We also have branches in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, USA and United Kingdom.

What kind of advice/ information that I need to be aware of before I decide to set up my office overseas?

You may want to consider:

(i) Your Product

  • What is your unique selling proposition (USP) vs incumbent competitors?
  • Do you need to localise your products and service offerings in consideration of culture and demography of the target market?
  • Financial viability taking into account of value chain including logistics / distribution costs in the market

(ii) Your Resources

  • Expanding overseas require time, money and manpower. Do you have trusted person(s) to help manage your business if you are not able to devote a large part of time there? 
  • Set up cost may take some time (years) to recoup – are you able to fund the expansion from your cashflow or bank borrowings without affecting your existing business?

(iii) Local Laws and Regulations

  • It is important to know the general regulations (e.g. remittances and foreign exchange restrictions, customs and taxes) and industry specific ones especially your business falls under the target country’s “restricted” or “protected” industry.
  • Other than researching on the available talent pool, you need to be aware of labour law in the target market.

(iv) Market Entry Strategies

  • You can consider strategic partnerships with other companies, check if there is any franchise option,  negotiate for an exclusive appointed distributorship or placing the product or services through e-commerce platform.
  • You may require professional consultants like lawyers, tax planner and/or local partner that can help you navigate bureaucracy and red tapes, bring you up to speed on business cultures, overcome language barriers

If you have further enquiries, please get in touch with us and we will assist you.

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