The multi-useful OCBC Business app

Why you will love this

Get direct valuable insights into your sales, expenses and cash flow trends

Access frequently-used features with just one quick tap

Manage day to day business banking easily with an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Get real-time alerts for added security - helping you to watch out for your business

Get the power, flexibility and control to to juggle multiple business needs – all at the same time. A multi-feature, multi-purpose app - it is where multi-use meets useful.

Your very own personal assistant

You know a great deal about your business but sometimes, a little help goes a long way. Never run your business without the multi-useful OCBC Business app – gain more convenience with the suite of tools to better manage your business from anywhere.

New Useful Features
Multi-useful for all your business banking needs

The OCBC Business app is like having your very own personal assistant on hand to help make it easier to manage your day-to-day so don’t run your business without it.

Multi-useful business insights
Multi-useful for all industries

From healthcare to logistics, education and beyond, the OCBC Business app enables self-made business owners to better manage and grow their unique operations. A multi-purpose app that has become so useful that they do not run their SMEs without it, it is where multi-use meets tailor-made.

OCBC for travel & hospitality

Working with worldwide partners and customers? Learn how Adrian Chia, Co-founder of Tiny Assets – an eco-tourism company with over 350 properties globally – uses the OCBC Business app’s FX alerts to book foreign currency rates that boosts their bottom line.

OCBC for healthcare

Free up time to focus on better quality care and quality growth opportunities? Dr. Zhang Hao Tian, Medical Director of One Medical Group shares how the OCBC Business app helps him to monitor the financial health of his practice and watch out for useful insights that led him to starting up a medical supplies company.

OCBC for F&B

Cook up new ways to increase sales? Nigel Kok, General Manager of Rich Food Catering serves up how he uses the OCBC Business app to spot sales spikes and capitalise on trends for business growth, while also giving him control even when he’s on the move.

OCBC for health & wellness

Looking to streamline approvals? Caleb Leow, Founder of Blood – a feminine care products company with a mission to empower women around the world – uses the OCBC Business app to approve transactions on his mobile, on-the-go.

OCBC for F&B

Faced with fluctuating business costs? Find out how Thomas Ho, 3rd generation owner of Chew Kee Eating House, makes use of cashflow trends on his OCBC Business app to better track and manage monthly flows of money in and money for a clearer overview of his company’s financial position.

OCBC for eCommerce

Always on the move? See how Serene Sim, Founder of E-Essential SG, an online marketplace, makes use of her sales and expenses trend data on her OCBC Business app to run her business better.

Multi-useful business tools

Enjoy the simplicity, speed and security to send or collect payments with the OCBC Business app. Stay tuned for more useful updates.

Transact in multiple currencies

Transfer around the world without borders

Stay in control by making and approving local and international transfers directly from your mobile.

Generate digital invoices

Get paid faster with smart e-invoicing

Use this simple-to-use software to send invoices from your business account simply and swiftly.

OCBC Business Cards

Unlock more ways to spend and save

Making online or contactless payments? Spend securely and save with cash rebates with the virtual debit card in the app.


Watch our easy-to-follow explainer videos to help you get the most out of your OCBC Business app.

Try it for yourself
How to log in to the OCBC Business app?

OCBC Business app is only available to business customers who have access to OCBC Velocity in Singapore.

If your company has yet to sign up for OCBC Velocity, please apply for OCBC Velocity here.

What payments/transfers can I make via the OCBC Business app?

For local payments, you can make Internal Funds Transfers, Local Telegraphic Transfers, as well as MEPS, GIRO and FAST payments.

You can also make Overseas Telegraphic Transfers or IACH (Internaltional Automated Clearing House) transfers through the OCBC Business app.

Can I make payments to my added payees created in the app or on OCBC Velocity?

Yes, you can make payments to your payees created in the app or OCBC Velocity.

To add payees:

Using OCBC Velocity

  1. Log in to OCBC Velocity to add payee using ‘Manage Payee / Payer’ module if you have not done so. The beneficiary list will be reflected as your added payees in the app.

Using the OCBC Business app

  1. You can add a payee on the Review page when submitting a transaction by ticking the field ‘Add as payee’. A one-time verification via security token is required for this transaction. Once verified, the new payee is added to the Payee list for subsequent transactions.
What types of transactions can I approve with the OCBC Business app?

You can approve cash and trade transactions - on the app and as well as on OCBC Velocity.

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  • You must be an OCBC Business banking customer
  • Registered for OCBC Velocity

    Not registered for OCBC Velocity? View our service packages.

Important notices

  1. The OCBC Business app is available only to entities who maintain business accounts in Singapore.
  2. The OCBC Business app is designed for use with an Android or iOS phone to view account balances and transactional activities, make payments and approve transactions. You can also check your account balances or initiate internal funds transfers between OCBC bank accounts on Touch ID or Face ID-enabled Apple iPhones running on Apple's latest operating systems. Your transaction and authorisation limits on OCBC Velocity will apply to such transfers, subject to any threshold limit imposed by OCBC Bank.
  3. Your mobile number must be registered with OCBC Velocity to use SMS-OTP for login authentication and to authorise transactions.
  4. OCBC Bank's decision on all matters relating to the OCBC Business app is final and binding on all users.
  5. For optimal app stability and security, ensure that you update your device’s operating system (OS) to the latest version. Phone models supported are iPhone 8 or later.

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