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A medipreneur is a medical entrepreneur who manages a business providing health and wellness services or products. We help you to run your clinic practice efficiently so that you can focus on your patients.


Hip & Knee Orthopaedics

Dr Adrian Lau has always desired his own medical practice. Find out how we helped him.

A Plus Physiotherapy

Starting a business during a pandemic wasn’t easy, but with the help of the Healthcare Specialists at OCBC, A Plus Physiotherapy, was ready to operate in two weeks. Find out how our Healthcare Specialists helped to address A Plus Physiotherapy's needs in setting up and running their day to day operations.


Minmed, an integrated health provider, harnessed technology to provide a seamless online and offline experience for their patients. Find out how we helped Minmed to capture growth opportunities amidst the new normal and new challenges posed to the business.

Medipreneurs in business

Access to our dedicated Healthcare Specialist team

Whether you’re a general practitioner, medical specialist, dentist, or allied health practitioner who’s looking to start your own practice or thinking of expanding, our Healthcare Specialists are ready to help you navigate the challenges and address your needs in setting up, day to day operations and financing.

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Get Medipreneur financing now

Start it

It’s not brain surgery. Getting financing to open your new healthcare practice shouldn’t be a complicated procedure. No business track record needed. No financial documents needed.

Upfront funding of up to S$300K* with a MediSetup loan

If you are setting up your clinic practice for the first time, we offer an upfront set up loan to help you get started. This is useful to cover your setup costs such as renovation, general working capital needs and practice acquisition. No business track record or any financial records are needed.

* Non-Western clinics & Allied Health clinics (up to S$150,000) and Western Clinics, Dental, and Specialists clinics (up to S$300,000). If you are operating a chain of clinics, financial documentation will be required. Other terms and conditions apply.

Pre-approved funding of up to S$600K^ with a MediExpansion loan

If you are an established practice and are looking to expand your offerings, you can get financing of up to S$600,000. No financial records are needed.

^ Western Clinics, Dental, and Specialists clinics (up to S$600,000). If you are operating a chain of clinics, financial documentation will be required. Other terms and conditions apply.


Secure your premises with rental bonds, underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited (part of OCBC Group)

To reduce the impact to your cash flow, we support you with a rental bond so that you do not have to fork out a hefty security deposit to the landlords.

Diagnose the vital signs of your healthcare practice with innovative digital solutions.

Run It

Diagnose the vital signs of your healthcare practice with innovative digital solutions. Beyond operating more efficiently and profitably, our digital solutions help you deliver better patient care.

Build capabilities and seize opportunities with OCBC Start Digital Pack

Embrace digital transformation and boost your practice’s productivity and revenue. Build your digital capabilities with accounting, HR, appointment scheduling and cybersecurity tools including Xero, QuickBooks, Talenox, and Acuity Scheduling. Get savings with up to 12 months free subscription for selected solutions.

Get dedicated support from OCBC’s Healthcare Specialist Team

Our team of experts understand your unique industry challenges and are here to help you from your first clinic and as you expand both locally and in the region. They can offer you tailored solutions and advice to help your medical practice succeed via banking and beyond banking solutions.
Ease of collecting payments for Medipreneurs

Collect It

Whether it’s collecting payments or paying your medical practice’s bills, give your staff, suppliers and patients a clean bill of health by adopting these innovative and secure digital finance and e-payments solutions. 

Speed up payment collection with OCBC OneCollect

Your frontliners can skip the hassle of renting and setting-up point-of-sale equipment with this digital merchant solution that manages transactions easily and collects payments instantly to your business account. Our intuitive app is also integrated with PayNow QR for quick scan-and-pay transactions that saves you merchant commission.

Offer a wide range of payment methods with Unified Merchant-NETS terminal

Enjoy preferential pricing when collecting payments from patients as well as operational efficiencies with just one device. This unified POS accepts NETS and international payment schemes such as VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay and JCB via both card-based and mobile payments.


Conveniently and securely bank cash with Business Deposit Card

No PIN required. No withdrawals and transfers. No balance enquiries allowed. Simply deposit your healthcare practice’s cash takings anytime at an OCBC ATM, skipping the need to queue at branches for cash deposits. This means that your business also saves money with lower fees compared to counter transaction and cash deposit fees at branches.

Grow your medipreneur journey

Grow It

As your healthcare practice grows, we’re here to support you throughout your medipreneur journey. Enjoy a healthy dose of unique opportunities, networking tie-ups, partner benefits and exclusive privileges as part of your relationship with us.

Manage and grow your practice

Get a fuss free business account with no initial deposit and no minimum balance required, and unlimited free FAST & GIRO transactions.

Subject to bank’s approval.

Gain pre-qualification as an OCBC Premier Banking customer

Get the exclusive Premier Voyage Card, access to premium lifestyle privileges, invites to private wealth seminars by our OCBC Wealth Panel team – our team of top wealth experts from OCBC Group – and your very own personal relationship manager for wealth advisory to help grow your fortune. Committed to your long-term interests and personal goals, our dedicated team will offer you and your wealth the premier treatment.

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