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Power of all is better than the power of one


You have started multiple businesses. You are passionate about what you do, have the business acumen and often seek out new opportunities to start new ventures.

Whether you are expanding your businesses locally, bringing it overseas or enhancing your presence along the value chain, we recognize that your needs are unique. At OCBC, we have supported many serial entrepreneurs and we are committed to provide curated advice and solutions across your businesses to bring your ideas to life.

Why Us?

Recognising you as a serial entrepreneur

We take a comprehensive view of your experiences, business track record and overall business strategy across your businesses.

Receive support for your future plans

We seek to understand your business journey to provide the right support for your ambitions. You can receive funding support even before your new venture takes flight!

A business relationship like no other

Be assured that we are here with you every step of the way. Have a dedicated relationship manager who understands your needs and challenges to manage your portfolio of businesses and prepare you in advance for your milestones.

Grow your business regionally

From our headquarters in Singapore, get seamless cross-border solutions when you expand across Asia.

Scaling in your core business

Many serial entrepreneurs have widened their customer base when they broadened their footprints. Whether you are expanding within Singapore or embarking into new overseas markets, our team can provide the support for your regional expansion.

Vertical integration

Some serial entrepreneurs pursue vertical integration for the advantages it offers including greater control over supply chain, and the ability to offer lower prices while increasing market presence. This may be done by controlling the manufacturing of their products or gaining access of channels to market their products & services directly.

Complementary businesses in adjacent industries

The addition of complementary business offers the opportunity to expand within existing markets where you are already operating, build new streams of revenue and attract new customers. Many serial entrepreneurs employ this strategy to better serve their customers.

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