FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers)

Making money transfers using your OCBC account with FAST conveniently!

Fast And Secure Transfers (FAST) allows you to transfer funds
instantly between participating banks!

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Funds transfers between banks are now instant!

  • It has never been easier to make money transfers using your OCBC account. Transfer Funds to other banks with OCBC Online Banking!
  • You can now transfer up to S$100,000 per transaction (Personal Banking customers) or S$200,000 per transaction (Premier Banking customers). ENHANCED
  • Simply login to your other bank's funds transfer facility and transfer to your OCBC account.
  • Click here for the list of FAST participating banks.

Add comments to your transfers!

  • On OCBC Online Banking's funds transfers screen, simply click 'Add Description' to add a comment to your transfer.
  • These comments will be seen by the recipient.

Setting up is easy and painless

  • Simply login to OCBC Online Banking to add a new account payee
  • Select the bank you wish to transfer money to, and enter the correct bank account number
  • You no longer need branch names and codes!
  • This service is also available at all OCBC ATMs.

FAST is free!

Other useful information

Can I use FAST via OCBC Online Banking?

  • You can perform transactions with FAST via OCBC Online Banking
  • You can also use the OCBC Mobile Banking app on iPhone, iPad or Android

Can I use FAST via OCBC ATM?

  • From 18 March 2014, you can perform transactions using FAST at any OCBC ATM
  • You'll need to have an OCBC Savings/Current account and an OCBC ATM/Debit card
  • Here are the locations of OCBC ATMs.

How can I start using FAST?

  • You can use FAST as long as you have an OCBC Savings/Current account and one of the below:
  • OCBC Online Banking (Don't have Online Banking access? Apply now!)
  • OCBC ATM/Debit Card

How much can I transfer using FAST?

  • You can transfer up to S$50,000 per transaction via OCBC Online and Mobile Banking (subject to daily and monthly limit).
  • At our ATMs, you can transfer up to S$5,000 per day and S$25,000 per month.

Can I transfer to other banks which are not on FAST yet?

You can still continue to transfer funds to other banks. However, these funds will be credited within 2 – 3 working days. When adding account payee under such banks, please ensure that the correct branch names and codes are selected.




For Business Banking Customers:
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FAST for Business Banking

For Personal Banking Customers: