Manage all your transfers and payments from one place

Sending money or paying bills? Go to 'Transfers & Payments' in the OCBC Digital app.

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Transfer via PayNow
Pay bills
Overseas transfers
Make overseas transfers
Manage future or recurring transfers
Transaction limits
Manage transaction limits
Add or delete payees
GIRO services
Set up or terminate GIRO services
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List of self-service tools

Better manage your daily transactions

  • Schedule future-dated or recurring transfers​
  • Set transaction limits​
  • Organise payee list​
  • Set up GIRO arrangements

What is the difference between a transaction limit and an authorisation limit?

The transaction limit refers to the maximum amount you can send daily. The authorisation limit refers to the amount that you can send above which you will be asked to authorise the transaction (you may do so using OCBC OneToken, SMS One-Time password (SMS OTP) or your hardware token).

Why do I need to take the additional step of authenticating – even for amounts below the authorisation limit – my transactions using a code?

As part of our measures to keep your account safe, this additional step ensures that transactions made using your account are performed by you.

My email address is incorrect. What should I do to receive my code?

When you are prompted to enter your code, select ‘Authenticate with SMS OTP instead’ to receive your code via SMS.

Thereafter, please update your email address using the OCBC Digital app, OCBC Internet Banking or any OCBC ATM. A fully activated OCBC OneToken or hardware token is required for this. The change will take effect after 12 hours.

What is the difference between ‘Transfers & Payments’ and the former ‘Pay’ and ‘Transfer’ features?

Our ‘Pay’ and ‘Transfer’ features have been consolidated into one place – ‘Transfers & Payments’. We introduced this upgrade to ensure you have the most seamless experience when using the OCBC Digital app.

Can I revert to the former version of the app where the Pay and Transfer features were separate?

Currently, this option is not available. By consolidating two features into one, we believe that the 'Transfers & Payments' feature will enhance your experience when using the OCBC Digital app.

If you have further questions, please visit OCBC Digital website.

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