Now you can send up to S$5,000 daily with PayNow

What is it?

PayNow allows you to send or receive money easily using your NRIC, mobile number or a QR code, so you'll no longer need to ask for or give a bank account number.

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  • Have an OCBC banking account with online banking access.

Why PayNow?

Collect your SG Bonus faster

Collect your SG Bonus faster

Issued via PayNow using your NRIC so you do not need to wait for your cheque to arrive.
Same-day salary crediting

Same-day salary

Get your salary on the same day that it is being credited. No more waiting for bank clearance.
Receive education funds instantly to their OCBC account

Receive education funds instantly to their OCBC account

Enjoy instant and direct funds transfers into your child's OCBC CDA account.
Withdraw CPF savings instantly

Withdraw CPF savings

Secure your savings within a day instead of five, by submitting your withdrawal application on CPF.
Instant insurance claims payouts

Instant insurance
claims payouts

No more delays or lost cheques. Just instant claims deposited to your bank account, in one day.

How to send and receive money via PayNow

You can send money via:

OCBC Online Banking

OCBC Internet Banking

OCBC Mobile Banking

OCBC Mobile Banking

You can now transfer up to $5000 to a PayNow registered person. With PayNow, you will receive money directly in your account.Even when the money is transferred via OCBC Pay Anyone, no further steps are required to collect the money.

How to register for PayNow?

Register for PayNow

SMS to 72323 using following format:

Register your mobile number:
<space > NRIC <space > last 6 digits of account number

Register your NRIC:
<space > NRIC <space > last 6 digits of account number

Additional Information

General Information

What is the PayNow service about?

PayNow lets you to send to and receive money up to S$5,000 using a mobile number or Singapore NRIC, so there is no need for asking or giving your bank account number.

Who can use the PayNow service?

PayNow service is available to OCBC Bank personal banking account holders as we are one of the 9 participating banks for PayNow service. The participating banks are:
- Citibank
- DBS Bank
- Maybank
- OCBC Bank
- Standard Chartered Bank
- UOB Bank
- Bank of China
- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Can I transfer money from a PayNow participating bank to a non-PayNow participating bank?

No. PayNow only enables funds transfer between participating banks. Funds between a participating and non-participating bank can be transferred via other channels such as FAST or Interbank GIRO.

If i am not an OCBC customer, can I use PayNow?

You have to be a customer of one of the above 9 participating banks to use PayNow service.

Are there any charges for using PayNow to send money and receive money?

There is no service fee imposed for using PayNow.

Can I use PayNow to transfer money to a bank account overseas?

No. PayNow can only be used for Singapore Dollar funds transfers between participating banks.

Is sending money secure via PayNow?

Yes, PayNow is secured and adopts the same high security standards established by the banking industry in Singapore for funds transfer.


Why was I unable to link my Singapore NRIC and/or mobile number for PayNow with OCBC Bank?

If you have linked your Singapore NRIC and/or mobile number to another bank's account, you must first delink your Singapore NRIC and/or mobile number from the other bank's account before you can link your Singapore NRIC and/or mobile number to an OCBC Bank account. You can check with the other bank on how to delink your Singapore NRIC and/or mobile number with them.

Can I link another country's NRIC for PayNow service? Example: Malaysia's NRIC

No. Only a Singapore NRIC can be used. Alternatively you may link using your mobile number instead.

I was unable to link my mobile number for PayNow and I was informed that my mobile number is already linked with another bank; I don't have an account with that bank. What should I do?

Your number could be a recycled number and it might have been registered with PayNow by the previous owner. Please contact us for assistance by calling 1800 363 3333 or visit any OCBC branch.

Is the registration for PayNow instant?

Yes, your registration is instant upon successful confirmation.

I do not have OCBC Online Banking. Can I register for PayNow at any OCBC branch?

You will not be able to register at our branch. You may apply for an OCBC Online Banking access code and PIN instantly.

Alternatively, you may use our SMS Banking service if you have registered for our SMS-OTP service. Simply send an SMS to 72323 using the following format:
Registration of mobile number REGM <space> NRIC <space> last 6 digits of account number
Example: REGM S1234567A 123456
Registration of NRIC REGN <space> NRIC <space> last 6 digits of account number
Example: REGN S1234567A 123456
Registration of child's Birth Certificate REGN <space> parent's NRIC <space> last 6 digits of joint account number <space> child's birth certificate number
Example: REGN S1234567A 123456 T7654321B

Can I use my Foreign Identification Number (FIN) to register for PayNow?

We only accept mobile number and Singapore NRIC for PayNow registration.

What else do i need to know about PayNow registration?
  • If you are linking your mobile number, it has to be the same mobile number used for your One-Time Password (OTP).
  • You will be prompted to provide your name, which will be displayed to the sender in order to identify that you are the correct recipient. This name can be amended later if required.
  • Please note that your Singapore NRIC and/or mobile number can only be linked to one OCBC account respectively.

Sending money

What do I need in order to use PayNow to send money?
  • You must be an OCBC customer with Online Banking access code, PIN and SMS/hardware token.
  • You must have at least one personal OCBC savings or current account.
  • You must have the recipient's Singapore NRIC. Mobile number or Unique Entity Number (UEN) which is registered with PayNow. You also need the recipient's PayNow name.
What happens if I transfer to non-PayNow registered recipients? What is the set limit?

If you are transferring to a non PayNow-registered person, you can still transfer by setting a passcode via OCBC Mobile Banking or Pay Anyone app. This limit is set to S$1,000. Any transaction attempt more than S$1,000 will be rejected.

Is sending money via PayNow instant?

The money is sent using FAST transfer, hence the money is transferred almost instantaneously.

How do I check that I'm sending money to the correct recipient?

You can check the recipient's registered name with PayNow which will be displayed before confirming the transaction. If you are not sure, please check with the recipient.

How will I know if i have transferred funds successfully via PayNow?

You can check the status of your funds transfer via Online Banking transaction history.

Can I send money to an international mobile number?

We have enhanced OCBC Pay Anyone service so that you can send money to international numbers as well.

If the recipients are not registered with PayNow, please inform them to click on the link on the received SMS to collect the funds.

For PayNow registered recipients, money will be transferred directly to their linked accounts. Passcodes are not required.

PayNow limit increase

What is the maximum daily limit that I can send money via PayNow?

You can send up to S$5,000 per day via PayNow.

Am I able to adjust the PayNow daily limit of S$5,000?

The daily PayNow limit is S$5,000 by default and you will not be able to adjust this limit via OCBC Online Banking or OCBC Pay Anyone.

I have sent S$5,000 using PayNow today. Can I still send money using OCBC Pay Anyone app on the same day?

The daily limit of S$5,000 is applicable for money sent via PayNow, regardless of using OCBC Online Banking or OCBC Pay Anyone app. If you exceed this limit, you will have to send money to the recipient’s account number instead.

Example: You can transfer S$5,000 via PayNow and also transfer another S$1,000 to a non-PayNow registered person on the same day.

Why was I prompted to authorise a transaction above $1,000? Do I have to do this everytime I transfer above S$1,000?

For enhanced security, there is an authorisation limit of S$1,000 for all transactions. This authorisation is currently required for every transfer above S$1,000 and you need to have a hardware token or a fully activated OneToken in order to proceed.

How does this new PayNow limit differ from other transaction limits, such as the regular funds transfer and eNets limit?

This limit increase only applies to PayNow limit, which is a separate limit. It does not affect other limits.

PayNow for businesses

Are you a business owner who wants to use PayNow for your business?

PayNow is now available on SGQR. Click here for more information.