PayNow with OCBC

Sending and receiving money has never been easier

Why you will love this

Send or receive money easily using your NRIC, mobile number or a QR code

Transfer up to S$200,000 daily

Available on OCBC Digital app, OCBC Online Banking and OCBC Pay Anyone™️ app

Who can register

Anyone who has an OCBC Bank account with online banking access

Transfer and receive money instantly and securely.

New daily transfer limit

Make even bigger transfers with the new and improved PayNow daily transfer limit. You can now transfer up to S$200,000 if you’re a Personal Banking customer, and S$300,000 if you’re a Premier Banking customer.

Why register for PayNow?

Be amongst the first to receive government payouts such as GST Vouchers when you link your NRIC with your PayNow account

You won't have to give out your bank account number to receive money

Make secure transfers

Your money comes in instantly

Credit your CPF savings withdrawals into your account

Generate your own QR code to receive funds without sharing your mobile number

How to increase your limit

Increase your daily transfer limit via OCBC Digital app or Online Banking

You can also increase your limit when you transfer an amount higher than your current limit.
*Up to S$300,000 daily limit for Premier customers
Please note: Only one transaction signing is required to authorise both your PayNow daily limit update and transfers over the authorised limit.

PayNow for business

Using PayNow for your business?

Find out how you can enhance your business transaction with PayNow.


Register for PayNow with OCBC

I changed my limit in OCBC Digital app but when I come back to the transfer page, it did not get updated.

If you are using OCBC Digital app, you need to complete PayNow transfer to get your PayNow daily limit changed.

Can I send more than 5,000 SGD to an unregistered PayNow account using the passcode?

No, the maximum daily limit for unregistered PayNow account using the passcode remains unchanged at 1,000 SGD. Only transfer made to a registered PayNow user can be more than 5,000 SGD daily.

What is the difference between a transaction limit and authorised limit?

The transaction limit refers to the maximum amount you can send daily. The authorised limit refers to the amount above which you will need to have the transaction authorized either via OneToken, an SMS OTP or your digital banking hardware token.

Can I change my authorised limit?

No, your authorised limit remains unchanged at 200 SGD.

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