Build up your financial wellness like a boss with OCBC Financial OneView

Take charge of your financial goals

Enabled by SGFinDex, OCBC Financial OneView lets you view all your finances from your banks and government agencies at a glance. Through the platform and personalised insights, you can make smarter financial decisions.

Setting up your Financial OneView
Key features
View your investment holdings with SGX CDP NEW

Get a more complete overview of your finances when you sync your investment holdings with SGX CDP to OCBC Financial OneView.

What to expect:

  • View all your SGX CDP holdings in one place.
  • Get an estimated market value of all your holdings in SGX CDP.
Get personalised insights to make better financial decisions

Turn insights into action. OCBC Financial OneView gives you customised insights based on your financial data so you can save more, earn more and spend wisely.

Plan accurately for your retirement with OCBC Life Goals

The power to achieve your dream retirement is now in your hands. Make the most accurate plans for your retirement with OCBC Financial OneView so you can live your golden years on your own terms.

What to expect:

  • Say goodbye to a fragmented, complex and time-consuming way of planning for your retirement.
  • Have your information automatically populated when you retrieve it through SGFinDex.
  • Achieve your financial wellness goals with holistic planning for your retirement.
Plan for your children’s education with OCBC Life Goals

Draw a clearer view of your finances from all your banks and investments with OCBC Financial OneView, so you can easily create a savings plan for your little one’s needs.

What to expect:

  • Estimate how much you will need for your child’s educational needs.
  • Know where you are at financially by retrieving your balances and investments across all your bank accounts via SGFinDex.
  • Create a savings plan to help you make their future dreams a reality.
Start your self-guided investment journey

Meet the ultimate starter guide to investing. You can take the first step towards achieving financial freedom with OCBC Financial OneView’s simple and intuitive self-guided journey.

What to expect:

  • Determine your investment risk appetite.
  • Select the amount of effort you would like to put into your investments.
  • Go on a guided journey that will help you make your first investment with us.
Pay your taxes with ease

In partnership with IRAS, OCBC is the first bank in Singapore to enable digital access and payment of outstanding tax balances via OCBC Financial OneView.

What to expect:

  • View your latest assessable income and tax balances in one place. 
  • View your property tax details easily by using the property address or property tax reference number.
  • Proceed to pay your outstanding taxes in 3 simple steps using your OCBC bank account.

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