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Never let a good crisis go to waste

We are met with unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19. While efforts are in place to protect lives and livelihood, SMEs have to take on the new normal. Developing new ways of doing business, understanding the new customer behaviours, and taking advantage of sprouting opportunities and new industries.

Winston Churchill once said during WWII, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. This is a reminder that a crisis is an opportunity to do things you thought you could not do before. For SMEs, take this time to find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen as you rethink, reinvent and rebuild your business, to thrive in this new normal. As the Best SME Bank in Singapore and Asia, we will stay committed to support you on this journey to bounce back stronger.


With many industries reshaped by the global pandemic, the world as we know it has changed. Businesses need to rethink their strategies and formulate a way forward in the new norm.

To help you do so, we have curated a selection of articles and webinars that delve into new consumer insights and trends.

Adeptly surf the waves of this new era with insights by members of the business, law, tech and financial circles.

Respond, Reset, and Renew: New consumerism in Post-COVID-19 China & ASEAN
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Coming out of the crisis stronger and better at Amazon Online Seller Conference
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What is the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 Infections on the market
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Be inspired by SMEs who have successfully navigated their businesses in the new norm. We spoke to business owners who reveal stories of how their business has evolved, their preparations and what they intend to do to stay resilient for the future.

Toyo Adtec - Embracing the new reality

Toyo Adtec is a distributor of technology products to the electronic manufacturing and healthcare industries continues to strive new heights and embrace the new reality during the pandemic. Founder, Noni Limpo shares how he works with his overseas team by empowering, e-managing through virtual meetings and electronically transact through cross border platform.

A Plus Automation - Reimagined to serve the e-commerce industry

From a local engineering company to a one-stop service engineering automation firm, A Plus Automation has repositioned its business to serve the e-commerce industry. Founder, Mr Rodney Ham brings the company to greater heights, seizing the opportunity to work with major e-commerce players with their customised sortation system.


COVID-19 and social distancing has changed consumer behaviour and affected the operations of many businesses. Some companies have taken the step to reinvent themselves and ‘Go Digital’ by implementing solutions that allow their business to continue. To support SMEs on this digitalisation journey, we have put together a set of useful digital solutions to help you sell and operate better during this time.

Start selling online

Keep your business going, sell through e-commerce and digital marketing.

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Start your e-commerce journey at lower cost

Enjoy grant of up to 90% with the E-commerce Booster Package with Amazon

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Reach more customers through digital marketing

Learn how you can develop your brand’s online presence with help from FirstCom

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Digital Resilience Bonus

Receive up to S$10,000 to accelerate the digital transformation of your F&B or retail business.

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Redefining digital banking, we’ve added tools that help you plan your cash flow, track your finances and more.

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Reduce cost and improve efficiency when you transact seamlessly with companies linked to the Peppol network.

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Digital Business Dashboard

Refresh your perspective of data. Connect your digital solutions on a single dashboard for one view of your business.

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Lower your reliance on cash collection and try this faster and safer way to receive payments.

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Many businesses are refocusing their efforts to bounce back stronger as the world enters into the recovery phase. At OCBC, we'll be here to provide SMEs with timely financial relief and support during this period, and beyond.


We have searched and compiled useful guides and resource materials to help SMEs rethinking the way forward in the new norm.

Guide on Business Continuity

Guidelines to help businesses on business continuity planning in response to COVID-19.

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GoBusiness - COVID

Latest updates and business related resources on COVID-19.

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Dollars and Sense Business

We curated essential content for SMEs, in partnership with Dollars and Sense.

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Government Assistance for Businesses

Explore the new e-adviser that can suggest the relevant government assistance schemes for your business needs.

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