PayNow for businesses

PayNow for businesses

Receive payments faster and safely with PayNow

Why you will love this

Only one SGQR label is needed for multiple e-payments providers

Can be used on invoices

Reduce clutter on store front

Easy collection and quicker payment processing

PayNow is a funds transfer service that enables your business to collect and make payments in Singapore dollars instantly.


Steve Florist & Gift Centre

Watch this video and learn how PayNow helps their business.

Shalom International Movers

Watch this video and learn how PayNow helps their business.


Stuff'd — Mathew K George, Head of Operations

Stuff'd — Mathew K George, Head of Operations

“Most customers pay in cash and it slows down our service. PayNow addresses this issue directly making it easy for us to collect using QR code. We will introduce this solution in selected outlets first before rolling it out across our network of 27 stores.”

Josiah — Wendy Tan, Co-Founder

Josiah — Wendy Tan, Co-Founder

“Since implementing PayNow QR code in our digital invoices for parents, it is now easier for parents to sign-up and pay for enrichment classes. The impact has been great, there are now zero no-shows. PayNow QR has tremendously helped our business. With the addition of PayNow into SGQR, it will be easier for businesses to expand their collection modes.”

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Receive government payouts

Use PayNow to receive government payouts instantly

Receive eligible government payouts via PayNow from initiatives such as the Jobs Support Scheme and Foreign Worker Levy rebate that was announced during Budget 2020 and enhanced with the Resilience and Solidarity Budgets.


Register for PayNow online through Business Internet Banking (OCBC Velocity) or OCBC Business app

Useful Articles and guides

Register now with your OCBC Business account

How soon will my PayNow registration be completed?

For registration online, it will be immediate.

For registration via form, it will be completed within 5 business days from receiving the form.

How do I know if my PayNow registration is successful?

For registration online, you will be notified via SMS and/or email with your contact details registered in OCBC Velocity.

For registration via form, you will be notified with a physical letter.

Do I have to pay for receiving PayNow payments?

We are waiving the fee to receive PayNow payments till 31 December 2025.

Can I impose a surcharge or fee on a customer who wishes to pay me via PayNow?
No. You shall not impose a surcharge, special charge, finance charge or similar charges (whether through an increase in price or otherwise) on your customers or payers who wish to pay you via PayNow.
What is SGQR?

SGQR combines multiple QR payment options, including PayNow QR, into one. All QR payment options accepted by your business will be displayed on your SGQR label.

Are there specific requirements on how I should display my SGQR label?
Please note that the SGQR label should be placed in a plain frame. For more details, please refer to this link.
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