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Health. Wealth. Lifestyle.

Soon, you’ll be starting a new chapter of your life — your Silver Years.

And perhaps you're having uncertainties about retiring completely, or you just can't wait to retire. Whichever it is, one thing is for sure: life will be different, and your priorities might differ.

That’s why Silver Years is designed to help you ensure your plans are complete. So whether you tend to prioritise health, wealth, or your lifestyle, our holistic approach will help you complete all three to get the most out of your next chapter.

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Plan for your silver years


Covering your health pays in the long run.


Enjoy your new chapter and let your wealth do the work.


Master your lifestyle by saying "can" to a wealth of new experiences.


Ready for your Silver Years?

Answer these 10 questions to help you find out.

Question 1/10

  • How prepared are you for your Silver Years?

  • Do you keep regular track of your expense?

  • Do you know how much money you need to retire?

  • Have you done the necessary planning for your legacy?

  • Do you have plans in place in the event you lose your decision-making capabilities?

  • What's your regular diet like?

  • Do you have any health insurance coverage?

  • How digitally savvy are you?

  • Do you have the right credit cards for your lifestyle?

  • How often do you say yes to your friends and adventures?

Ready for your Silver Years?

Here's your result:

You are a Zac Cheong

Like him, you're a super saver. You work hard to save for every day, and always make sure no penny goes unsaved. But along the way, you may have sacrificed your health and maybe even spent lesser time with your loved ones. While securing your future wealth is important, it shouldn't come at a cost.

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

You are a Ray Cheong

You prioritise health above all else — going to great lengths to eat right and exercise regularly. It's safe to say you're in the pink of health, but can the same be said for your wealth and lifestyle? If the answer's no, don't sweat it.

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

You are a Ken Cheong

Like him, you say "can" to everything. Because life is all about living in the moment. While that's great, without a balanced plan to keep your finances and health in check, are you really living life to the fullest?

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

You could use a little Zac Cheong

You're in great shape and your social calendar is packed with activities. But are you forgetting something? You may have an adequate cash flow now, however, like what Zac did, it's essential to ensure your funds continue generating a steady stream of income even after you retire.

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

You need to be a bit more like Ray Cheong

Your social life and finances are looking good. Your health, on the other hand, could use more attention. Start by eating right and taking some time to exercise. Because how fulfilling would your Silver Years be if your health gets in the way?

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

Be more like Ken Cheong

You're in good health and your finances are on track — your Silver Years is almost complete. Now all there's left is for you to indulge and have fun every now and then. Meet your friends, it's alright to stay out a little late sometimes. Have that ice cream. Pick up a new hobby. Get that top you've been eyeing.

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

Your Silver Years plan may not be on track

You've planned for your retirement, but it's possible that your needs and priorities have changed along the way, causing your plan to become lopsided. There's no need to be disheartened. You have the foundation, it's not too late to complete your Silver Years.

Find out how you can complete your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle with OCBC Silver Years.

You're all set for a great retirement

Congratulations. Your Silver Years is complete, you've done a great job balancing all three aspects — health, wealth, and lifestyle. Sustaining this balance is key to a happy retirement.

Find out how you can ensure your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle stay complete with OCBC Silver Years.






Our approach

OCBC's approach to your Silver Years

When it comes to retirement, money is often the top priority. Most people would have done some form of retirement planning, which typically focuses on building a nest egg. But don't lose sight of your health and lifestyle, they matter too.

If you've already retired, find out how you can enhance all three key aspects of your Silver Years to continue living it up with no worries.

Step 1

Understand and plan

We'll help you understand and plan how much you need to sustain your Silver Years.

Step 2

Evaluate and provide suggestions

We'll evaluate your portfolio, work out asset allocation towards post-retirement, and identify gaps. We will provide suggestions to rebalance your portfolio if necessary.

Step 3

Evaluate your protection coverage

To ensure your Silver Years is fully covered, we'll also evaluate your protection coverage

Step 4

Track your performance

Over the years, we'll provide tools to help you monitor your income and spending regularly, ensuring you have an adequate cash flow to sustain your lifestyle.

Find out if you are ready for your next chapter and how OCBC Silver Years can help you plan for it.


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