Home Loan (Refinancing)

Lower your monthly home loan instalments

Why you will love this

Enjoy lower instalments when you switch your loan to OCBC

Choose from a comprehensive range of pricing packages

Opt for Eco-Care Home Loan for more savings

Who can apply

Singaporean, Singapore PR or foreigner above 21 years old

Those holding a minimum loan amount of S$200,000 for a HDB or S$300,000 for a private home

Enjoy faster refinancing and greater savings with customised and holistic home loan solutions.

Lower monthly instalments

Lower monthly instalments

Enjoy interest savings when you refinance your current loan with a more attractive package.

Complete range of loan packages

Complete range of loan packages

Take advantage of wide range of pricing packages to suit your financing needs.

Opt for our Eco-Care Home Loan

Opt for our Eco-Care Home Loan

Be part of a greener Singapore with your sustainable home and enjoy significant savings.

Eco-care home loan

Verify that your home will be energy efficient with the Tropical Home Energy Efficiency Assessment (THEEA) developed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). Complete it in just 2 minutes before applying for the OCBC Eco-Care Home Loan.

Enjoy these benefits with your sustainable home:
  • Promotional 1M Compounded SORA pricing package 
  • Stand to earn OCBC$ from your energy savings and redeem them on the STACK marketplace

Terms and conditions apply.

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Awards for Eco-Care Home Loan

Mortgage Product of the Year

The Digital Banker Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards 2021

home loan packages

Enjoy these Online Exclusive Rates for a limited period only. Select the loan that best fits your needs

  • OCBC 2Y/3Y/4Y fixed rate
  • OCBC mortgage board rates
  • 1M Compounded SORA
OCBC 1Y fixed rate
OCBC mortgage board rates
1M Compounded SORA

OCBC 1Y fixed rate

(For completed properties only)

OCBC mortgage board rates

1M Compounded SORA

OCBC 1Y fixed rate OCBC mortgage board rates 1M Compounded SORA
Protects you from rate fluctuations for the first year
Fixed for 1 year at 1.65%
Fixed instalment within lock-in period.
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Bank–managed rate, which can be revised at any time with 30 days’ notice.
Each pricing package has a specific mortgage board rate identified by a unique code in the letter of offer and this rate and the associated spread may differ from packages offered to other customers or reflected on this webpage from time to time.
The current pricing packages for new applications are at a mortgage board rate of 0.80%.
Free switch to another pricing package should the mortgage board rate increase.
Flexibility to prepay up to 50% of the loan amount within the lock-in period.
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The 1-month Compounded SORA for a given Singapore business day is published by 9 am on the next Singapore business day on MAS’ website. View more details on SORA.
Monthly rate changes. Each 1M Compounded SORA will be fixed on the Rate Review Date and will apply throughout the next 1-month period.
Free switch to another pricing package after the 1st year (for new loans only).
Flexibility to prepay up to 50% of the loan amount in the first 2 years.
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Year 11.65% (fixed) Year 11.48% (Board + 0.68%) Year 11M Compounded
SORA + 1.20%
Year 21M Compounded
SORA + 1.00%
Year 21.68% (Board + 0.88%) Year 21M Compounded
SORA + 1.30%
Year 31M Compounded
SORA + 1.20%
Year 31.80% (Board + 1.00%) Year 31M Compounded
SORA + 1.40%
Thereafter1M Compounded
SORA + 1.60%
Year 41.80% (Board + 1.00%) Thereafter1M Compounded
SORA + 1.40%
Thereafter2.20% (Board + 1.40%)

Step 1

Prepare your documents

Attach the following documents to your online application:
  • Latest CPF withdrawal statement
  • Current bank loan statement showing outstanding loan amount
  • For owner-occupied property, tax portal page to show subject property address and tax rate as "owner occupier"
  • If your current loan is with HDB, submit the last 6M transaction record from the HDB InfoWEB portal
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Step 2

Submit your application

Choose the type of financing required, select the loan package and submit your documents online. The application process takes just 10 minutes with Myinfo.

For Eco-Care Home Loan, complete and pass THEEA. This takes just 2 minutes. Provide the assessment reference number in your loan application.

Step 3

Wait for our letter of offer

If your loan is approved, you will receive a letter of offer via email and SMS. Otherwise, we will contact you if we need more information.

Step 4

Accept our loan offer

You can accept our loan offer by clicking on the link in the offer email or SMS. Your letter of offer will be generated automatically after acceptance. Please read through the terms and conditions carefully before accepting.
Loan calculator

Find out how much you can borrow

Use our OCBC OneAdvisor Affordability Calculator to find out how much you can borrow, based on your income, age, and financial status.


Cash reward of up to S$2,500 per loan

Receive cash to defray the cost of refinancing.

before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Minimum age

21 years old


Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and foreigners

Minimum loan amount for SG private home loan


Minimum loan amount for HDB loan


Additional information

1. Your online refinancing application may require 1 working day to process due to additional checks performed.

2. ABS Guide: The Association of Banks in Singapore and MoneySENSE guide, "What You Should Know About Housing Loans - Key Questions to Ask The Bank Taking a Housing Loan" is available and you are encouraged to read it before committing to a residential property loan.

ways to apply

Apply to refinance with OCBC Home Loan today


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