Home Loan (New Purchase)

Different loans for different homes

  • Financing of up to 80%

  • Combination of pricing packages (variable rate and 3 months SIBOR) with no switching fees

  • Attractive interest rates

  • Dedicated customer care officers and mortgage specialists are just a phone call away

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How to apply

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4 different packages to suit your needs

Fixed Deposit-linked rates

  • Rates are pegged to our 36-month fixed deposit rate
  • Rates and payments can change with our 36-month fixed deposit rate
  • Free conversion to any other package if the fixed deposit rate increases

Short-term fixed interest rates

  • Fixed monthly payments means you can budget and plan ahead
  • Protects you from rate fluctuations for the first
    1-2 years
  • Interest rates tend to be higher than other packages

SIBOR-dependent rates

  • Rates are pegged to the 1- or 3-month SIBOR
  • Payments can increase or decrease based on SIBOR rates
  • Rates are reviewed every 1 or 3 months, depending on the package chosen

Variable interest rates

  • Rates are lower than fixed rates
  • Rates and payments can change with the OCBC board rate

The interest rates indicated are fixed and guaranteed for either the first year or the first two years only, depending on the package you sign up for.

This will also mean that your monthly instalment is fixed and will not change within those years. 

At the end of the fixed rate period, the interest rates will be based on the bank’s internal rates (board rate) minus a discount stated in the Letter of Offer.

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Customers can choose between different lock-in periods.

The lock-in period indicates the period where there will be penalty imposed on the customers if they decide to refinance the loan. For packages with no lock-in period, the customer can choose to refinance the housing loan package anytime.

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The SIBOR may change every day. The bank uses the SIBOR on a specific date (also known as the Rate Review Date) and adds on a fixed percentage for the interest rate of the housing loan. The interest rate will be reviewed every 3 months.

SIBOR has varied between 3.5% and 0.6% in the past 5 years.

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The bank uses the 36-month fixed deposit board rate and adds on a fixed percentage for the interest rate of the housing loan.

The 36-month fixed deposit rate is currently 0.65%, and has been unchanged since 1 November 2011. The highest it has been in the last 10 years is 0.925% in November 2005.

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For HDB purchase, you must meet
HDB eligibility

Private property
Everyone, including Singapore PRs and foreigners are eligible.


Talk to us about unlocking cash from your property too.

Amount you can borrow

From S$100,000 to 80% of valuation

Private Property
From S$200,000 to 80% of valuation

Application Process

  • Contact an OCBC Mortgage Specialist or talk to our branch staff
  • Submit documents at a branch or to an OCBC Mortgage Specialist
  • Get loan approval
  • Sign Letter of Offer

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