Contactless ATM Card

You can now tap to pay with your OCBC ATM card

Why you will love this

Make contactless payment at merchants, MRT and bus rides.


Have an OCBC deposit account

Have an OCBC ATM card

Features and benefits

Tap to pay

No more entering of PIN, just whip out your card and tap (for purchase below S$100).


Tap to ride

The new ATM card is also a transit card, which means that you don't need to carry separate CEPAS cards or worry about top-ups.

Why did I receive a new ATM card?

Since December 2018, we have upgraded the existing OCBC ATM card to a contactless ATM card. To ensure your banking experience is not disrupted, a new ATM card will be sent to you up to 1 month before your current ATM card expires.  

Here is how the new ATM card looks like.

OCBC ATM contactless card

The NETS contactless symbol will be indicated on your ATM card.  Image result for nets contactless symbol

What is the validity period for my new ATM card?

Your new ATM card comes with 10 year validity period.

What is a contactless ATM card?

Besides the usual ATM services, the contactless ATM card also lets you to tap and pay for:

  1. NETS purchase below $100 without having to key in your PIN
  2. MRT and public bus rides (must maintain a minimum of $20 balance in your bank account)
Tell me more about Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

How do I know if a merchant accepts contactless payment?

You may look out for the NETS contactless logo on merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) terminals.


How do I use the contactless ATM card for payment?

You may tap the card at NETS terminals to pay for your purchases that are less that S$100 without the use of ATM PIN.


MRT and public bus rides

How do I use the contactless ATM card for MRT and public bus rides?

The contactless ATM card works exactly like your current travel card. You just need to tap the card at the card readers of MRT gantries or buses’ boarding and alighting points.


Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in my bank account in order to take MRT and public bus rides?

Yes, you need to maintain a minimum of $20 in your bank account in order to use your contactless ATM card for MRT and public bus rides.


Why is my contactless ATM card blocked for MRT and public bus rides?

Your contactless ATM card could be blocked due to insufficient funds e.g. below $20 or the account linked to your card is closed at the point of transit. Please visit the transit office if you wish to uplift the card block status within the same day. 


Can I view the transfer summary of the MRT and public bus rides via OCBC Digital Banking?

Your MRT and public bus transactions will be processed, accumulated and charged to your contactless ATM card when the amount reaches $15 or 5 calendar days, whichever comes first. The accumulated amount will be reflected in the transaction details of Internet/ Mobile Banking and paper statements or e-Statements.

To view detailed journey and fare history, you will need to register your contactless ATM card at TransitLink SimplyGo portal or the TransitLink SimplyGo mobile app. For other queries, please call the TransitLink hotline at 1800 2255 663.

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