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Sustainable Financing - Green Loans for SME

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Why you will love this

Increased accessibility to sustainable financing for SMEs, regardless of certification under recognised sustainable schemes

Reduces time, complexity and costs with a straightforward framework to guide SMEs in achieving sustainable goals

Supports SMEs to build brand value and image

Who can apply

Singapore SMEs

Projects may be in Singapore or other countries that the business operates in

SMEs with sustainable projects or business purely in the sustainability sector

Committing to help SMEs do well and do good

Simply Spot On For SMEs


As DynaMac's trusted advisor, in collaboration with industry partners TEMBUSU Asia Consulting and Global Compact Network Singapore, we provided recommendations on various sustainability practices that can be adopted to reduce its carbon emission intensity that meets international standards. To motivate Dyna-Mac, we incentivised the company to meet its carbon emission intensity targets by extending a Sustainability Linked Loan. Watch the interview with Ah Cheng LIM, CEO of Dyna-Mac, as he tells of their journey towards sustainability via decarbonisation.

Liv Fresh Farms

Mr Karthik Rajan wants to revolutionise farming in Singapore. Find out how a green loan helped him set up a high-tech, sustainable farm.


If we could produce food at unused urban spaces, we could help solve Singapore’s food security challenges and reduce carbon footprint and food mile. For residents in Tampines, that is now a reality with its vertical high-tech farm, thanks to Netatech, a pioneer in farm technology. Discover how a green loan enabled Netatech to further develop their technology to capture sustainable development opportunities and contribute more to high-tech food production in Singapore.


To manufacture its air filtration systems, Bio Pointe used to get parts from overseas sources where the costs were high. Find out how a green loan helped Bio Pointe to start engineering and fabricating parts independently in Singapore, which enabled the company to offer more competitive prices and make its solutions more accessible for customers who wanted to invest in energy-saving solutions.

For better experiences, better air, better spaces

By adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with the latest tech and powerful analytics, Kaer helps buildings across Asia deliver exact cooling conditions to save over 55,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Find out how we support businesses’ sustainability ambitions.

Saving finite resources for future generations

Did you know: Precious metals can be recovered from scrapped vehicles and end-of-life IT equipment. BR Metals recovers these Platinum Group Metals and returns them to refineries for reuse, contributing towards a circular economy. With a patented processing system, material wastage is reduced by 10%, recovering more precious metals and saving more finite resources for future generations. Find out how we support businesses’ sustainability ambitions.

Transforming the horticulture industry

Switching to automated irrigation systems to save on water and electricity. Powering plant nurseries with solar energy. These are some moves Nature Landscapes has made to transform the horticulture industry and deliver the next generation of landscaping, while making a positive impact on the environment. Find out how we support businesses’ sustainability ambitions.

About SME Sustainable Financing

We are here to support your sustainable development efforts.

“As we implement the 2030 Agenda, Singapore looks forward to working with like-minded partners to build a sustainable and resilient future for ourselves and generations to come.”
– Singapore’s Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong

SMEs play a crucial role in driving sustainable development in Singapore and the region, as they bring necessary technology and products and services for sustainable projects. As a bank committed to supporting sustainable development of the societies that we are in, we launched the OCBC SME Sustainable Financing Framework to extend our sustainable financing offering to our SME clients.

Vigeo Eiris, a global leader in ESG assessments, data, research, benchmarks and analytics has reviewed our framework and concluded that the framework is aligned with the four-core component of Green Loan Principles (2020), including clearly identified expected sustainable benefits. This framework is designed to help SMEs leverage on emerging opportunities in renewable energy and green buildings sectors, as well as other sectors that contribute to sustainable development.

Benefits to your business
Enhance your business competitiveness

Enhance your business competitiveness

by being transparent about the impact of your business’ behaviour on society.

by being transparent about the impact of your business’ behaviour on society.

Meet your Business’ Sustainability Agenda

Meet your business’ sustainable goals

by financing sustainable projects that are clearly linked to sustainable development goals.

by financing sustainable projects that are clearly linked to sustainable development goals.

Endure business success

Endure business success

in the long term by embedding a common purpose across the business to address and respond to challenges facing sustainable development.

in the long term by embedding a common purpose across the business to address and respond to challenges facing sustainable development.

Positive impact on all stakeholders


A commitment to achieve sustainable development goals can enable your business to attract and retain talent by improving employee satisfaction and in turn, drives business results.


Appeal to more consumers and partners as they’re actively choosing businesses who contribute positively to the wider society.


Business partnerships will be stronger and mutually beneficial between companies and institutions who share the same values.


Engage in more constructive dialogues with regulators to shape the industry your business operates in.


Attract more investors as they recognise the benefits of focusing on sustainable development.

Areas of funding

Renewable Energy

including production, transmission, appliances and products.

Built Environment

covers Green Buildings including green building materials and smart building environment monitoring systems

Energy Efficiency

such as in new and refurbished buildings, energy storage, district heating, smart grids, appliances and products.

Clean Transportation

such as electric, hybrid, public, rail, non-motorized, multi-modal transportation, infrastructure for clean energy vehicles and reduction of harmful emissions.

Pollution Prevention and Control

including reduction of air emissions, greenhouse gas control, soil remediation, waste prevention, waste reduction, waste recycling and energy/emission-efficient waste to energy.

Eco-Efficient and/or Circular Economy

such as development and introduction of environmentally sustainable products, with an eco-label or environmental certification, resource-efficient packaging and distribution.

Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management

including sustainable infrastructure for clean and/or drinking water, wastewater treatment, sustainable urban drainage systems and river training and other forms of flooding mitigation.

Environmentally Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources and Land Use

including environmentally sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry; climate smart farm inputs; environmentally sustainable fishery and aquaculture, environmentally sustainable forestry.

Climate Adaptation

covers nature based solutions and engineering services that enhance adaptive capacity and reduce vulnerability to climate change


Justin Taylor
CEO, Kaer

"Kaer has been in the business of cooling spaces for over 70 years. Throughout that time we have always looked for ways to provide better experiences to our customers and better outcomes for our communities and the environment. We pioneered the air-conditioning as a service business model because it is the most sustainable way to provide cooling to businesses throughout Asia."

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