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From managing accounts to increasing business efficiency, run your business smoothly with OCBC Velocity by your side. You can even tap into our award-winning trade financing solutions.

Future-proof your business with OCBC Velocity's cash flow forecasting, income and expense management tools.

Explore all our services and discover how OCBC Velocity can help power your business.

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Create and send e-invoices with OCBC Velocity

Create and send e-invoices seamlessly

Integrated into OCBC Velocity, our Business Financial Management capabilities allow you to:

  • Track your finances with seamless invoice and expense management, making account receivable and account payable effortless.
  • Analyse cash flow with simple, intuitive and stunning visualisation of your past, present and future cash flow position.
  • Plan ahead to keep your business expenses under control and look out for growth opportunities or contingencies.


Manage accounts

View all your accounts and manage cash transactions from a single dashboard.

Cash flow management

Easily visualize your cashflow of the past, present and future using our Business Financial Management Tools to help make cashflow management easier.

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Initiate payment & collection

Make transfers locally and internationally with services to suit your every need.

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Manage trade finance

Access your trade portfolio online and trade easier.

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Additional support

Make the most out of OCBC Velocity with our video guides and webinars.

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Bank with assurance

Get 24/7 anti-fraud protection for safer and more secured transactions.

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Supported languages

OCBC Velocity is available in both English and Mandarin.

Business mobile banking app
Access OCBC Velocity on your OCBC Business app

Like your very own personal assistant - The multi-useful OCBC Business app

Get the power and flexibility to juggle multiple things - all at the same time. Where multi-use meets useful. Call it ‘multi-useful’: The award-winning mobile business banking app that is like your very own personal assistant to:

  • Securely manage accounts and transactional activities with a biometric login.
  • Stay on top of your business health with a tap.
  • Get alerted instantly on transactions like incoming funds and payment status updates.
  • Generate SGQR and PayNow QR codes for payment collection.
  • Pay partners via PayNow for Business.
  • Update your business address and business details.

OCBC for travel & hospitality

Working with worldwide partners and customers? Learn how Adrian Chia, Co-founder of Tiny Assets – an eco-tourism company with over 350 properties globally – uses the OCBC Business app’s FX alerts to book foreign currency rates that boosts their bottom line.

OCBC for healthcare

Free up time to focus on better quality care and quality growth opportunities? Dr. Zhang Hao Tian, Medical Director of One Medical Group shares how the OCBC Business app helps him to monitor the financial health of his practice and watch out for useful insights that led him to starting up a medical supplies company.

OCBC for F&B

Cook up new ways to increase sales? Nigel Kok, General Manager of Rich Food Catering serves up how he uses the OCBC Business app to spot sales spikes and capitalise on trends for business growth, while also giving him control even when he’s on the move.

OCBC for health & wellness

Looking to streamline approvals? Caleb Leow, Founder of Blood – a feminine care products company with a mission to empower women around the world – uses the OCBC Business app to approve transactions on his mobile, on-the-go.

OCBC for F&B

Faced with fluctuating business costs? Find out how Thomas Ho, 3rd generation owner of Chew Kee Eating House, makes use of cashflow trends on his OCBC Business app to better track and manage monthly flows of money in and money for a clearer overview of his company’s financial position.

OCBC for eCommerce

Always on the move? See how Serene Sim, Founder of E-Essential SG, an online marketplace, makes use of her sales and expenses trend data on her OCBC Business app to run her business better.

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Windows-based PCs:


Microsoft Edge
version 15 and later
Google Chrome
version 51 and later
Mozilla Firefox
version 54 and later
Windows 7


Windows 8


Windows 10

Windows 11


Apple Mac:

version 10 and later
Google Chrome
version 51 and later
Mozilla Firefox
version 54 and later
Mac OS X 10.10 or later

For Tablets:

Version 5.0 and above
Google Android OS Browser (tablet)


version 10 and above
Apple Safari (tablet)


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OCBC Velocity Service Packages

Access to OCBC Velocity is free for all business accounts.

From your daily banking needs to complex control and approval structures, you can choose a setup that caters to your business' unique needs.

  Basic Standard Classic Flex
Type of business each package is suitable for
Single-man operating businesses
Larger and more complex businesses
Larger and more complex businesses, where roles can be customised to reflect the appropriate access, controls and approval structures in your business
Number of person(s) that can operate OCBC Velocity
1 or more
At least 2 users 
Roles available
Viewer, maker and approver
Viewer, maker, approver and administrator
Functions of each role available
Users can view account balances and statements only. No transactions can be performed.
Users who are appointed the role of a "maker" can perform transactions, including:
  • - Make local and overseas transfers
  • - Pay bills
  • - Manage payroll
  • - Do fund collection
  • - Submit selected trade finance applications and instructions
  • - Receive notifications
  • - Manage beneficiary payee & payer list
  • - Manage templates
Users who are appointed the role of an "authoriser" can approve transactions.

 OCBC Velocity administrator
At least 2 persons are required to be appointed for the role of an OCBC Velocity administrator. The administrators may grant access to users to view account statements, appoint users to take on the role of a "maker", unlock users' accounts and reset passwords in OCBC Velocity.

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