OCBC ExtraCash Loan

Be assured with fixed repayments and
your choice of loan tenure


  • 21 years old and above
  • For Singaporeans / Singapore PR: Annual Income of S$20,000 and above
  • For Foreigner: Annual income of S$45,000 and above

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What is ExtraCash Loan

ExtraCash Loan is an affordable instalment loan with fixed and regular monthly repayments over your choice of loan tenure (from 12 to 60 months).


Borrow up to 6x monthly salary
Get a cash loan of up to 6x your monthly salary.

Convenient repayment options
Make repayments easily via Online or Mobile Banking funds transfer, cheque deposit or cash deposit machine.

Easy ways to manage your account
View your loan balance on-the-go with Online and Mobile Banking.

Interest Rates

For annual income S$30,000 and above
Approved Loan Amount S10,000
Processing Fee S$200 or 2% of the approved loan amount, whichever is higher
Disbursed Loan S$9,800
Loan tenure Nominal interest rate1 Effective interest rate (EIR)2 Monthly instalment3
12 months 8.31% p.a. 18.88% p.a. S$903
24 months 8.18% p.a. 17.07% p.a. S$485
36 months 8.27% p.a. 16.44% p.a. S$347
48 months 8.40% p.a. 16.11% p.a. S$278
60 months 8.55% p.a. 15.92% p.a. S$238

For annual income S$20,000 to $29,999
Approved Loan Amount S4,500
Processing Fee S$100
Disbursed Loan S$4,400
Loan tenure Nominal interest rate1 Effective interest rate (EIR)2 Monthly instalment3
12 months 12.31% p.a. 26.39% p.a. S$421
24 months 12.25% p.a. 24.37% p.a. S$233
36 months 12.50% p.a. 23.67% p.a. S$172
48 months 12.81% p.a. 23.31% p.a. S$142
60 months 13.14% p.a. 23.10% p.a. S$124

1 Nominal interest rate (flat interest rate) is computed based on the approved loan amount. This is the equivalent to an applied interest rate of 15% p.a. for annual income of S$30,000 and above and 22% p.a. for annual income of S$20,000 to S$29,999
2 Effective interest rate is inclusive of a one-time processing fee.
3 Instalment amounts are calculated based on a fixed monthly instalment payment option andare simplified for ilustration purposes.
Interest on loan amount is calculated based on a monthly rest method.

Fees and Charges

Late Fee S$80
Early partial/full repayment fee* 3% of amount to be repaid (S$1,000 minimum repayment)
Restructuring Fee 3% of outstanding loan amount

*1 month interest in lieu will be charged if redemption is done immediately

Loan Calculator

Loan Amount
Annual Income

Processing fee:
Monthly Instalment:
Amount Disbursed:
Applied Interest Rate:
Nominal Interest Rate:
Effective Interest Rate (EIR):

3 ways to apply

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to 72222
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Call us at 6679 5128
from Mondays to Fridays
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Online Application

  • You will be required to submit your income information via CPF login, so please make sure you have your SingPass username and password ready.
  • Please ensure you have a printer with you as you will need to print and send the completed forms to us.

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